Outfit in Room.

You know I love an awesome Room to Outfit, we all do, right? But its been my dream to style an outfit IN room photo shoot. I always try to dress to match the pad- like in my apartment, you know I’m wearing black and white in varying textures. In the bachelor pad, I’d wear a green floral shirt and some white jeans. Or when my sister came over sporting the python jean trend, I made her do this:

But my friend Helena, artist and handbag designer behind the line Helena+Troy  made me laugh when she sent me these photos and explained she has a history of “happy accidents” in this department. Its like my dream come true!

Ha! I love it. Now we have to go around staging real photos with a non-iphone camera. So fun. And how cute is Helena?

Oh, and I blogged yesterday about my new Tumblr Sketch42++, and I must say in 1 day its already better than this blog. I mean, if you ever just wanted me to shut up and post the pretty pictures already, well, it’s happening. Like one big fantastic mental mood board. LOVE IT. Cant someone teach me how to make it a page of my blog? Thanks. Have a good day people!

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  1. MMish says:

    You look awesome Helena!!!

  2. and a tumblr??I can’t keep up! ;)

  3. Laurie says:

    Who did that first coat? It is fabulous!

  4. Sabrina says:

    Would this qualify as a tumblebrag? I like the tumblr, but I prefer the blog! If all I wanted to do was look at pretty pictures, I would go over to pinterest. I request less shutting up, and maybe more short posts if writing long ones are a pain sometimes.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Haha! Thanks!!! Im glad you like my non-shutting up normal blog. I think eventually I want the tumblr to be more of the photos I take, and maybe the fodder for future blog posts? I dont know what Im doing with it honestly, but apparently you HAVE to have a tumblr… etc etc.

      I think once I get back to the city after summer, Ill have way more time- and actual design and art content- to write about!