DIY: Otrera Scarf Tray

I was given this beautiful Evil Eye scarf by the company Otrera and asked to come up with a DIY. (It actually killed me to use such a fabulous scarf in a DIY, but thankfully I had an extra!) My family has middle eastern roots, so the evil eye has a lot of meaning around these parts. I’m personally not superstitious, but many folks think the evil eye protects them from the jealousy of others, including supposed well-wishers. It’s so powerful that people think that wearing turquoise, saying the number 5 (which references the hamsa), and wearing the evil eye in public is considered a bit taboo- its as if you are saying “I think you are jealous of me, and giving me the evil eye and thats why I need to protect myself from you.”

Anyway, back to the scarf… I wanted to make a house product with the tray, so I decided to lacquer dollar store plastic trays with modge podge and the fabric.

In retrospect, I shouldnt have used a clear plastic tray, I should have used a white plastic,  because you can see the eyeballs as they wrap under the tray. I also plan to add a coat of epoxy resin to the top of the tray to make sure its extra durable and waterproof. This DIY can work with any fabric and most objects. The key is smoothing out the Podge. Apply, smooth, and wait for it to dry.

Add some cute styling and you are good to go. I still have the remnants of the scarf I used to make this tray and I plan on making little lavender sachets with the extra lavender I collected in Croatia, see it sitting in that jar there?

Enjoy and be sure to check out the rest of Otrera’s fab scarf collection HERE.


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  1. Marielle says:

    I love how you think everyone is capable of doing this! watch jojo! lol. very cooool ;)

  2. I didn’t know you could modge podge fabric….love it!


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