Day Tripping: Five East Coast things I wanted to do this summer.

Every spring, I compile a little to do list of things and places I want to go and see all summer long. This summer, I knocked off a ton of my personal goals: mainly things like learning to play tennis, working out every day, and trying new sports. I am also considering doing a mini triathlon. FUN or organized torture!?!

I managed to haul ass to Europe, but its the little weekend trips that never seem to happen. Why? Once I’m settled in Jersey with the kids- it’s hard to transplant and move somewhere else. ‘I’m already on a vacation- why would I go somewhere else’ type of thoughts abound, especially with the hub. Now I realize, I should have been taking these weekend trips while I was still in NYC this spring before summer hit full swing and I STILL can do some of it this fall! Its still summer for most of September and every New Yorker knows September is one of the few bearable months in NYC, when life couldn’t be better (Except for Fashion’s Night Out, which is a small miniature hell). I went back to the city for a meeting and THIS is how I felt about being back. My summer was awesome and I loved every minute of NJ but I cant say Im sad to get back to the crazy city that holds us captive.

Anyway, the little trips I wanted to take:


1.  The Surf Lodge, Montauk

Everyone and their mother has gone to Montauk this summer. EVERYONE. Every weekend Im treated to more delightful photos via instragram of people delighting in the surfy east coast campy vibe that is The Surf Lodge and I am jealous. Only problem is that this place is booked into oblivion. Its probably still gorgeous all through fall though, right? Learn more HERE.

2. The Pollock Krasner House, East Hampton

While hanging out in the Hampton’s, I would be remiss if I didn’t visit the studio and home of artists Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner. Learn more HERE.

3. The Phillip Johnson Glass House, New Canaan CT

I wrote about this earlier in the spring, The Glass House is only about an hour out of NYC and open from May- November. There is definitely still time to get this one done, as a little Sunday day trip with the kids. (Who brings kids to a glass house filled with art? Me? My grandma would. This is how kids learn about important things!) Learn more HERE.

4. Newport, RI

Mansions + beach town = Nuff said. I havent been there since I was a kid, and plus Courtney lives there when she is not in NYC.

5. Monet’s Gardens at New York Botanical Gardens

The New York Botanical Garden’s tribute to Monet’s gardens in Giverney is supposed to be amazing. Since I saw nothing of this in Paris (I saw nothing of anything) I owe myself a trip uptown to see this exhibit. And its open until October 16. So definitely possible. Learn more HERE.

Oh, plus glamping, and then all of the West Coast. Yea.

What did  miss? Have you made summer lists like this? Have you done any cool weekend trips in and around NYC? Arent driving trips very underrated?

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  1. I went to the glass house earlier this summer and absolutely loved it – highly recommend! I’ve been dying to go out to the hamptons but it doesn’t look like it’s in the cards for this summer

  2. Aha! Thanks for the Newport shout-out…I’m already late on getting there this weekend. Let’s go! We can take over my parents house (I’m actually there for a week after Labor Day so let me know). I can get us comped passes to all the mansions…think of it as the ultimate blog post!

    I’m also down for all trips out of the NYC area to Montauk and beyond. You know I’m down. Have car, will travel.

    Getting a loaner digi camera this weekend…let’s go shooting!

    xx c

  3. MMish says:

    Thanks for this list. Feel the same way about my summer but plan on making up for it in Sept. Im definitely taking trips to Montauk and the botanical gardens!

  4. Lauren says:

    The Prada exhibit at The Met was on my list this summer and it turned out to be great. The clothes were really beautiful. The Winston Churchill exhibit at the Morgan Library (I’m a history nerd!) is also on my list. Have to get there soon!

    It looks like you accomplished a lot this summer, isn’t that the best feeling?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I didnt get to the Prada exhibit. Really wanted to though… and yes, I really did do a lot of the things I wanted to and it was great, Im going to write a post about it!