Book Review: Tomboy Style

There are a shit-ton of blogs dedicated to girliness. Glitter, pink, gold, manicure photos… are abundantly everywhere, and my lack of interest in them could be what makes me feel so disconnected from the blogging community at times.  Then when I was introduced to the blog TomBoy Style a few months ago via a blog reader, I was like OH SNAP! I’m a tomboy. I never would have thought to call myself that, because I never really played sports, but as blogger and author of the book Tomboy Style Lizzie Garret says, being a tomboy goes beyond just wearing boyish clothes. What makes a tomboy is an inherent sense of confidence, rebelliousness and adventure.

I bought the book a few months ago, and I actually forgot about the photos I took for the book review! (And wait- three cheers for bloggers with books! YAY!) The book looks at seven different types of tomboys: the rebel, the sophisticate, the jock, the prep, the adventuress, the girl next door and the naturalist.  See? That never even occurred to me. I just always thought of tomboys as jock type girls, and as a kid I was not even close to athletic. Turns out I’m a little bit of all of these women. Iconic women and fashion inspiration for generations of girls that just respond to their COOL. Women who weren’t perfectly matched and blown out, women who wear a uniform of jeans and t shirts, and just have that je ne sais quoi. Thats the type of woman I find beautiful. Confident and cool.

I’ve always known that I could never be “a lady” so I never tried to be. Instead I’ve always tried to hone my sense of self. One of my friends told me the other day that she always thought I was super confident with my looks and that she was shocked to hear me confess that I wasn’t. I tried to tell her that obviously, I know what I look like and would rather be tall and thin, would rather look like a model and be traditionally beautiful, But that’s not who I am, or what I’m made of. So I guess I just always try to be accepting of what I got, and make it work for me. Its not always successful, but as I see it, I seriously don’t have another choice. We are who we are. And if you dont know that thats true wait till you have a kid. They are innately themselves. As a mom, I try my hardest to be accepting of my children’s SELF, whoever that turns out to be. So why should I be any less accepting of my own self? And who I really am? Just my two cents on self-acceptance on this Wednesday.

What kind of woman (or man, if you are out there!) are you !?!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these beautiful, sexy and classically cool women that have inspired the tomboy in all of us throughout the decades! Enjoy!


All photos are from the book Tomboy Style, taken by me… You can visit the blog for daily inspiration HERE, and buy the book HERE.


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  1. YES!
    I feel the same way about girlie blogs and a feeling of, huh – I don’t get it…

    I bought this book months ago when I first heard about it. I love the collection of photos. I haven’t given the blog a chance yet…hmmmm

    I am not fully tom boy…but I am a VERY CASUAL person. I am comfortable in casual settings, in casual clothing, manipulating things I already have (rather than buying shiny new things)…I think I even speak casually (not with swears, but in a matter of fact way)

    Anyways…BINGO…I love this book

  2. Love it! I had heard of this book but forgotten to explore it. I like the concept. I love your self-confidence and think you are just so COOL!!! I guess I’m an in between….not tomboy but not too girlie….for example I don’t like wearing make-up during the day….I’m a jeans kind of a girl…uniform that you mention….and will not throw a tantrum if I can’t get to color my hair in exactly 3 weeks when my greys start showing…..I know everybody around here has their standing blow-out appointments every week twice a week! So I think a hybrid is what I am!!

  3. Rachel says:

    I love that as women we can have the best of both worlds,we can explore any sport,adventure,fantasy,whatever…and when we feel like being frilly and feminine we just get all dolled up and look fierce, we are soooo lucky!! (photos are beautiful and classic)