The Trunk Club.

(Nightime pics are a bummer… sorry about that. As he opened up the box, I made him HALT mid-opening so I could run and grab my camera for a blog post!)

So this trunk arrived yesterday. Let me explain: My husband does not like to shop. He also loves clubs… (tennis clubs, men’s hair salon club, poker club etc…) so when he heard about Trunk Club, he was so down for trying it! Trunk Club is an online company that basically sends men a box of hand picked clothes based on their style preferences. You fill out a little questionnaire online (Questions: how do you dress to work, how do you dress on the weekends, what is your overall style: casual,dressy, classy, country club, park ave, heritage, trendy and hip, with descriptions of each)…., someone calls you, and then they select some clothes for you. You aren’t charged tax, or shipping, and your credit card isn’t charged until the box of unwanted clothes returns to their offices. You are only charged for what you keep.

Ok, so we tried it!!! And first off, it was SO FUN to get a huge box of new clothes in the mail like that. I was a little jealous.

My husband is the type of guy who wears basic-with-a-twist clothes until they have holes in them. Then he goes and buys an entire new wardrobe in one sitting- which he hates. So this kind of experience is kind of exactly what he needs.

Great packaging and a handwritten note from Pamela!

Trunk Club focuses specifically on the clothes you would wear out to dinner or on the weekend. Almost all of the clothes they sent -3 pairs of paints, 3 button downs, two blazers, one t-shirt and 2 belts, and one sweater – were completely interchangeable within themselves. Like it was the 10-12 items one would need to restart a wardrobe, but could all be worn with each other. They set them up into little outfits.

Ultimately, he kept only half of the clothes: one blazer- that cornflower blue one actually- which we would have never chosen in a store, but looks GREAT on him and can work in a ton of instances, the pink shirt, both belts, one pair of jeans and one pair of pants… we loved the blue checked shirt, but it was a bit tight.  I also really liked that the Trunk Club introduced us to some new brands we’d never heard of… like Fullum & Holt’s handmade belts.

As for pricing: I snagged this off their website, it’s an idea of their price ranges:

I would say their prices are normal for contemporary/high end clothing… comparable to a Barney’s co-op/Bloomingdales type cost.

All in all, my hubby LOVED the experience, and we are totally signing my brother up (who just moved home from San Fransisco and told me the other day he wants to hold a bonfire for his old clothes and start over!) so I thought I would share with you all… I kind of wish there was a version of this for women, although I know that’s MUCH harder.

If any of YOU(my male readers who are in hiding) or your husbands, brothers fathers try this let me know!  I think this could be a really great gift for someone even though I can’t figure out how one would gift this.

Have a great day everyone!

Visit Trunk Club website HERE.


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  1. Well that is just the coolest thing I have ever seen!! My husband needs this. So do I…when I help him shop he ends up being dressed as an extremely feminine gay man.
    This is definitely something I will look into! Those outfits they put together for your husband are great!


  2. Stephanie MIller says:

    There is one for women! It’s called StitchFix. Love it!

  3. What an amazing concept! Thanks for sharing this! I could totally use this since I rarely ever have time to shop. Heading to the stitch fix website Stephanie mentioned in her comment! Whoo-hoo!

  4. I got Trunk Club once and wasn’t really thrilled with it. The fit was a little too boxy for me. Liked it more in concept and less in execution. I’d suggest a trip to the Bonobos showroom instead. I think their selection, fit, and quality is far superior.

    • David says:

      I tried Bonobos. It was the worst fitting pants I have ever tried on. I couldn’t send them back fast enough.

  5. Hi!

    Thanks for trying out Trunk Club – so glad to hear you and your husband had a great experience. His stylist, Pamela, is fantastic.

    I work at Trunk Club so apologies for jumping in, but I noticed you said you didn’t know how one would give Trunk Club as a gift. I just wanted to let you and your readers know that we do offer gift certificates which make it super easy for someone to give Trunk Club as a gift. You can just order a gift certificate and the recipient receives an email with the code. Then, when he signs up for TC, he can apply that credit towards his purchase once he gets his first trunk and decides what to keep.

    Here’s a link to our gifts page:

    Glad to have you in the Club!

  6. MMish says:

    this is awesome, going to sign the hubs up tonight. Thanks!

  7. Tara says:

    My husband did Trunk Club about a year ago (?) and it was awesome. He ended up getting some nice casual clothes in styles that neither of us would normally choose when out shopping, but look great! In fact, he gets more compliments on his Trunk Club outfit than any other of his outfits. He ended up purchasing a button down shirt, some casual pants and a nice zip-down sweatshirt jacket. My husband has also used bonobos for casual pants, but found that he preferred the option to try on a bunch of sizes and styles versus doing the custom-ordering of pants….which ended up fitting strangely. Funny, but I think it’s time for hubby to order some more summer clothes…will forward this to him as a reminder. :)

  8. wao! love this concept…it would be ideal for my husband who hates to shop and I’m not very good at men’s clothing….so he doesn’t replenish often enough…..will look into it.

  9. Wow! This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen! I’m signing my husband up right now! Thanks for sharing!