Palm Springs, by way of New Jersey.

Good Morning! Yesterday I went over to my friends house for a cup of coffee and was greeted with this! Delightful! Iced coffee, home made muffins and a super chic parrot tray? YES! So I snapped a few pictures and promptly informed her that she would be on the blog tomorrow.  Later that day, I hit up the antiquated, quaint and kitschy town of Ocean Grove for lunch (Yes, it is all three of those things.) And it got me thinking about New Jersey style. I think New Jersey has been getting a bad rap – It’s not all gilded mansions, and marble mausoleums (Echem, Teresa…) it’s mostly all of the things I grew up around and now associate with Grandma… wicker, white painted furniture with curved legs, antiques, retro signage from a better time, cabana stripes and 70s chic poolsides… Maybe its because I’m so used to it, and the look is so heavily steeped in nostalgia for me, but I really like the “Jersey Shore” style… Seaside country time, meets faded glamour. And so I bring you: Palm Springs by Way of New Jersey: The shop the look edition. Enjoy!

Plate: $12

Backgammon Set: On Sale for $397 at Barney’s from $795 (Actually a great deal for one of these fancy backgammon sets!)

White Handle Flatware: $59/Set of 20

Palms Outdoor Pillow: $85

Dandy Tumbler Glass: $75

Milk Carton Creamer: $12

Matthew Williamson Scarf: $287

Striped Pillow: $50

Mango Wood Bowl: $65

Tank Top: $49

So what do you think? Have I convinced you? Can nostalgia be a viable decorating style?

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I love those pillows! Such fun gorgeous things.

  2. SUPER shot!!!!love it. I’m convinced :)

  3. i hear you! to me there is nothing better than the faded grandeur of the deal casino. bathing caps, one pieces, yellow and white striped awnings with fringe! bring it!

  4. Bianca says:

    New Jersey has such a bad rap. I am convinced people do not even realize that Princeton is in New Jersey. And can we talk about Somerset County (where I grew up)… Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Bedminster, Mendham, Peapack-Gladstone…people have NO idea! Beauty abounds in Jersey, you just don’t see it on TV. And in terms of the shore…um, Spring Lake anyone? Fond memories of bike rides for ice cream and rocking chairs on whitewashed porches…and the antique shops are the best – which brings me to Lambertville. Oh Lambertville!

  5. 154 million percent nostalgia is a viable form of decorating.

  6. MMish says:

    love this post, jersey shore has a bad rap…i love it for all those things and more

  7. Love this post, from my reader today it jumped out at me. I love the shore and you’ve just inspired me to do a little post on the beach house we rented in Toms River! So looking forward to it!