CROATIA: The Boats, The Beaches, The Parties.

East/West Beach Club, Dubrovnik

I just spent 2 hours trying to organize these photos. It’s hopeless. I was trying REALLYYYY hard to narrow it down to 10 for this post. But I couldn’t/didnt, and I still have a million more photos I could post. So lets go, shall we! A photo tour of Croatia through my camera. I got a lot of emails and phone calls from people who are potentially traveling to Croatia sometime soon… Croatia is up and coming! Its a really fun, relaxed vibe, with beaches populated with young good looking (but not professional models, WHEW!) normal people from Australia, Europe and Brazil. Everything is super low key, women wear flats at night, jeans are overdressed for men. The best part of the day is the beach party scene, which is NOTHING like partying in Ibiza. The parties feel more like going to a really awesome house party than a club in Ibiza. The restaurants are really good in Hvar,  I didn’t love the restaurants in Dubrovnik. Travel by boat to different beach clubs, including Palmizana and the Carpe Diem PARTY ISLAND….

Ok, thats it for now… I need to go do things. Important things.

ENJOY and have a great day!


Dubrovnik Port

One day we decided to take an early morning trip via moped to the lavender fields, Hvar’s main export. Obviously, the lavender is the just excuse to roam around an island’s hills via moped, but look what we found:
 Route 1, Hvar

Rent a moped, and look around!!! 

Lavender Fields, Hvar

Look what we found! Buckets full! You could actually miss it, if you don’t know what you are looking for, but the entire area smells amazing! 

Hvar Port.

The Port.

Hidden beaches are everywhere.

Pine Trees and Rock Beaches. The weather is dry, the terrain is rocky and dry. Main exports are olive oil (AMAZING!) and lavender. 

Float around a bit. 

Children playing. 

Mljet, Croatia- or as I like to call it: Anytown, Europe.

Korcula, Croatia

Sail, Baby Sail! 

The Good Life?

The Adriatic.

Hvar Port

Palmizana, Hvar. An awesome beach club/bar and restaurant.

Palmizana, Hvar

The treehouse like  bar/restaurant beach club at Palmizana, Hvar

From a bed at Bonj Les Bains

The walk to Hula Hula. Hula Hula
Hula Hula turns into the best beach party on the island at around 5 pm.

Hula Hula at sunset!  PARTY!!!! WOOOOO!!! 


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  1. your photography is wonderful….I love all the details you recorded. I know how hard it is to narrow down….I’m in that process as well…..Its taking me forever! I look forward to more

  2. Great pictures! Croatia is my absolute favorite place in the world. You just brought back so many good memories for me, not just of our visits there but of my wedding in Dubrovnik!
    Can’t wait to see more

  3. Numommy says:

    Loved this post, especially as its frosty winter here in Oz – your photos are delicious!