Weekend Inspo.

Most men, they have a choice. Become a banker, a lawyer, a tailor, a mechanic. Me, I have no choice. No true artist has choice. I must create in order to feel alive.“―Pablo Picasso

My weekend inspiration, summer inspiration-really, is to try something new. Learn something new, make something new. Push beyond the boundaries of what feels familiar to capture that feeling of youth and energy and life in the process of making, learning and being. Life can get pretty stale without the constant goal of personal growth… and I think that we all have this idea, that if we are X years old and haven’t tried something yet, or aren’t good at something, that its nerdy or weird, or middle-age-crisis-y of us to want to learn it. But it’s not. Hopefully,we will all be around on planet Earth for at least 80 years or so, so its kind of sad to assume you spend the last 50 repeating the things you did in the first 30. (Although that’s a reason to expose your kids to as many experiences and hobbies as possible while they are young!)

So TRY SOMETHING NEW! Push yourself, and have a Happy Happy Weekend!

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  1. First off- I adore that quote by Pablo Picasso. Second off, I couldn’t agree more! After I finished undergrad and started a career in what I thought was right for me, I soon realized I missed learning and felt like I was wasting away at my current job. I decided to go back to school for interior design. It’s been a great decision for me. Thanks for the weekend inspiration!

  2. wow – i wish i had seen this a few days ago when I was searching high and low for serenity. i love this.

  3. “Life can be pretty stale without the constant goal of personal growth” – so true! and very inspirational, along with the Picasso quote. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to always be trying something new, and always be pushing yourself! :)