Russian Delights.

Looks like a very good case of “Room To Art” or “Art to Chair.”

I’m getting serious joy from the Moscow apartment of Russian designer Dmitry Velikovsky. I always say I like to see a designer’s own home best, better than any other work. And this is a really good example of that. This kind of quirkiness is very personal, don’t you think?

Velikovsky lets furniture and objects seduce him; and later decides what to do with them. The pieces in his apartment have been collected over years, and from the various far flung places to which he travels. They range from custom made furniture and art by Balinese artisans, with whom Velikovsky works closely, to 18th century samurai chairs found in France, and other pieces from around Europe. The art around the apartment is heavily weighted with work Russia’s contemporary art scene, including pieces by André Lanskoy, Boris Markovnikov, and Viktor Pivovarov.

“Some of these pieces sat in storage for years,” he says. My kind of guy.  “Ambience,” Velikovsky says. “That’s more important than achieving a clarity of style.”


Source: Architectural Digest. 

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  1. You know how much I just love a chair that doubles as a torture device… so good.

  2. ECT.OD says:

    Amazing. Its so refreshing to se something beautiful that looks like a I’m-only-human-humanbeeing (someone who occasionally do spill a glass of whine or cup of coffee) could actually live in. Lov it! And I love your blog btw, such a great inspiration! Keep it up :)

  3. Love it all….He has mixed everything perfectly. Very interesting. I’m in love with the dining table and the art.