More Proof.

That Paris apartments are the best apartments. This apartment, designed by Isabelle Stanislas and Leiko Oshima, aka SO-AN, is a 18th century converted office space on Rue de Rivoli that the Louvre. All the moulding, floors and details, including the mirrors, are original to the space. The apartment treads delicately between opulence and modernity, as all Paris Apartments do – this look almost doesn’t even EXIST in the US. I mean, it does, but barely. There is something so pleasing about this aesthetic to me – its like, yes we want to be modern and carefree and yet, we respect and admire the architecture of these spaces enough to know you don’t have to do much. Like I always say, these apartments are the equivalent of the models at L’arc in their boyfriend jeans, so pretty they don’t need a lot of make up. And YEAH, the super modern and new kitchens and bathrooms don’t hurt. They don’t hurt at all… Enjoy!


Ta Da! More of the obviously pretty this week from Sketch42. It’s “DUH” week out here!

Photos via Yatzer.

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  1. Lauren says:

    That bathroom is amazing. I love the seating near the tub! Sexy!

  2. That bathroom might just be the best bathroom that ever existed.

  3. MOVE ME IN.

  4. That bathroom slays me…actually that whole place slays me.

  5. Simone says:

    So chic

  6. Gorgeous. When I was a teen I believed that I would live in a space like this…not so much really.

  7. Loving the details, and the light in the bathroom!

  8. Sick. Particularly those built-in marble shelves


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