Kelly Wearstler on OKL.

I feel like I am master of the obvious today, but DUH, the Kelly Wearstler sales on One Kings Lane today are ridiculous. RI-DIC-U-LOUS. Its basically a mix of amazing vintage finds with her own designs and stuff… And its organized by her various styles and books: Hollywood regency, midcentury, coastal, etc.

If you have a couple a grand to throw around and you want a showstopper for your room, go buy a set of amazing sculptural chairs. Thats what I would do, if I needed anything. Or a ridiculous pair of side tables. Or her fine china for Pickard on sale. Or a four poster driftwood bed. But my favorites are the chairs. For sure. What I like about her stuff is that every single piece of furniture is a work of art. The woman sure  knows how to choose things with sexy lines and unbelievable texture.  It’s really awesome.


Unfortunatly, I’m so at and over capacity at my house… so I am not buying anything. But for those of you who need stuff, go pick out one crazy thing, and build a room around it!



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  1. The sale is completely out of this world. I’ve learned one major thing about Kelly while reviewing the sale; she and I are totally obsessed with pairs of chairs. If I had the space, it’s all I would use, no need for a sofa.

    great post!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Im so with you, pairs of chairs are so where its at!

  2. Oh man – insanity!!! I am obsessed with her chairs.

  3. I don’t even want to look- will just make me mad that OKL doesn’t ship here and that I don’t have thousands of extra dollars just lying around.

  4. Ugh, the sale was downright insane. Every piece she picks is beyond gorgeous. So unique. Her style is like no other!


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