Artsy Fartsy: The Colorful world of Markus Linnenbrink.

Welcome to the world of Markus Linnenbrink, a German born, Brooklyn based artist known for huge installations that involve huge stripes of pigmented resin. While Markus now basically lives in a technicolor dream coat, he admits that as an art student he was hesitant about color and painted mostly in grays and blacks! Markus did a stint with oil painting until visiting a German resin factory where he spent a large part of one summer experimenting in their laboratories with materials. Eventually he hit upon his signature of brightly hued resin that he poured one by one onto floors and walls.

Markus is constantly experimenting with dripping and drilling, he also does very interesting sculptures, paintings over photographs and he also did a pretty cool collaboration with Swatch.

You can check out more of his work on his site HERE, and see a cool tour of his studio HERE.



Have a bold and beautiful day everyone!

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