Adore: The Art Edition.

I’m so excited to be included in this month’s issue of the  Australian magazine ADORE. The issue features homes and art from around the world, including many Austrailian artist’s I haven’t heard of, but now want to learn more about- especially artist Kate Banazi- featured on the cover- who makes these fantastic neon screen prints. LOVE THEM and I think I need one. Also included are print makers, textile designers, painters… some of them featured at home and others in their studios. I also loved the feature on the great home shops in Australia… (Don’t you hate when you go somewhere and you miss all the good stores?)

Loni- their editor- really turned it out this time -It’s a really cool issue. I’m psyched that my little bachelor pad has been included, and featured alongside the other fab-o homes. Check it out  HERE. 

Perfect weekend reading material! Enjoy everyone!

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  1. I blogged about this issue this morning! This is by far my favorite issue of Adore (not that I don’t love the other issues). This one just speaks to my heart. And I was stoked when I saw the bachelor pad you designed in it! Of course I added that in my post. You rocked that apartment!

    Congrats on your feature!

  2. Ooh! Can’t wait to check it out! Yay, I could use some inspiration. Congrats!

  3. I adore your style (no pun intended) so I can’t wait to check out your feature. I’m sure I’ll be pinning every image! :)

  4. I’m so excited to read it this weekend.

  5. Oh! I can’t wait to check this out.

  6. And congratiulations!

  7. awsomesauce, nicole!

  8. ok read it awesome!!! Congrats! I love how you describe the process too. I can’t figure out how to pin from these magazines….is there a trick?

  9. MMish says:

    My favorite bachelor apt ever. Awesome, congratulations!

  10. Meghan Kuyper says:

    Your bachelor apartment was by far my most favorite feature in the magazine…and all of it was amazing. You should be very proud. Love how you used attainable pieces (the West Elm chandelier in the dining room), and I hope to see lots more design jobs by you. Keep ’em coming.