More new art in my apartment, this one via my nephew photographer Eddie Cohen.  It’s printed on aluminum and its fabulous. He’s a huge Woody Allen fan, so this is a very personal piece to him. And I’m SO happy to have it. It’s too cool for school… and I LOVE how it looks on the silver walls. I generally have enough paintings in my apartment (although I was totally the cobbler with no shoes for the past few months!) so I look for work I love in other fields.  Learn more about Eddie HERE. 

My apartment feels like a whole new place to me. Between the round painting over the high chair, Cookie’s pieces, this Woody and the new paintings, it’s a new world. I also moved the polka dot chairs to the den and left the area in my living room open with just the chair that I rescued from the garbage, and the lucite bench under the big painting. It feels so much more spacious and open now. (Yes Erica, you were right.)

It feels good to be back, baby! And thank the lord I have photoshoots and house tours, cause otherwise I would NEVER finish anything.

Im heading to Frieze today, I’m so excited and Ill report back!

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  1. wao! so cool! I love that piece! I guess its a family gene you all have that makes you artists…even your grandma :)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thanks! He is actually my husbands nephew… so we aren’t related by blood… but Ill take it!

  2. Wow! I am so in love with the piece as well. Your nephew has some serious talent! I also LOVE your apartment and the way you decorated it. Gorgeous!



  3. ray f says:

    eddie, what a legend!

    although i doubt hes a bigger fan than i am.

  4. MMish says:

    Im loving this piece, looks great in the space!

  5. The work is really fun. Reminds me of Harold Cohen’s Richard Hamilton series

  6. laura says:

    you’re awosome!