Up close…

Now that I’ve gone the route of massive, I don’t think I can ever have small paintings there again! I picked these up from the framer on Friday at 4 pm! Talk about crunch time. I’m sitting and drinking my coffee and looking at these babies right now, and smiling because I love them so much. (You can click HERE HERE  and HERE to see what the apartment looked like with the previous paintings that sold, there are also before and afters and sources listed on those posts.)

Anyway, the Junior League House Tour was so much fun yesterday! Honestly, it was kind of bizarre having so many strangers in my house, but like I told some people yesterday- because of the blog, I’m used to people seeing my stuff, so that part isn’t so strange… Just you know, the in person contact in my house was strange. And even though I’m so out there and exposed, the fear of judgment doesn’t go away.

Above all else, the hardest part was getting everything NEAT and uncluttered and organized for this! I swear to you, I don’t think this house will ever be this neat again, so I took a ton of photos! You have to see the magic that Liz worked in my playroom. Master organizer and stylist! A lot of people wonder how I have kids in this apartment. Two answers: 1, I have a playroom that usually looks like a bomb exploded in it, and 2, nothing in here is actually that precious. Lucite and glass wipe clean, and everything else is actually not that delicate. The only difference between my staged living room and my not staged living room is that on a normal day, I don’t put anything on the coffee table where JoJo can reach it. Thats it. Oh yea, and on a normal day there is cereal crumbs on every surface.

In addition to my own two massive paintings, I also hung work by other artists that I know and love… one of whom is COOKIE! I swear to you, people were instantly drawn to her pieces, and she even had a few offers on her work! People- you don’t need to buy my kids artwork, you have your own amazing artist at home! All kids have some level of artist talent because their strokes are so uninhibited! Like I told some people yesterday- all you have to do is limit them in some ways: don’t give them that many paint colors at once, and take away the paper before they mess it up! Then frame it like a serious piece of art, and trust me, it will look fabulous!

Stay tuned for more photos, and if you are new here, feel free to peruse and ask any questions about sourcing, or whatever else you feel like asking! We are very casual and friendly on this blog! Welcome and enjoy!

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  1. Nicole, it looks stunning! The big-@ss art makes the whole place look bigger!

  2. Your place has never looked better… everyone who walked in gasped in excitement and envy!!!
    and those paintings… I hope the lucky buyers have an amazing space for them because they are by far the best thing that has ever graced those walls! xx

  3. Diane says:

    Your paintings are jaw-dropping gorgeous!

  4. toni says:

    Big is better! That amazing second painting reminded me a little of that piece you admired yonks ago, that was hanging above Anna Spiro’s fireplace. I loved that, and I love this!

  5. jamie says:

    nicole – it loos amazing. it REALLY does. that first painting is perfection.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I love the framing job on the ginormous paintings. Can you post some more detailed photos? Looks fab, as always!

  7. fabulous!

  8. They are both GORGEOUS!!! And I’m with you, I like humongous art!

  9. We definitely saved the best for last on the tour yesterday! While I’ve always loved seeing photos of your place (and art!) online, nothing beats the real deal. Thanks for opening up your home to all of us!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      It was SO NICE to meet you again! And thank you! That really means a lot to me!

  10. That Lucite bench underneath that strokes painting are a match made in heaven.

  11. Sigh… #2. The colors. The scale. Strikingly gorgeous.

  12. Those huge paintings could not be more perfect for real! I just love the way they layer in with the furniture and the wall color you have. So gorgeous!

  13. Nicole,
    I actually have a little “artist” at home too. Love framing her work! May I ask what is the wall colour behind your TV and the huge (AMAZING) paintings??



  14. Beautiful painting . No need for a frame to me. Your multi talented.

  15. Christa says:

    I stumbled upon your website via pintrest and have to say that I’m totally captured. I am IN LOVE with the top painting on this page. Can you please tell me if you did it, and if so HOW? I have huge walls in my house that need to be filled. What materials did you use? It is completely beautiful and uplifting. I love the colors. So talented.


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