Project Face!

Last night I went to the art opening of “Project Face” – a year long journey by artist Rina Dweck. Every day for a year, Rina- a painter and trained makeup artist- self transformed and photographed herself using only her iPhone and uploaded it to her Facebook page where she would change her profile daily. Her adventure in self portraiture is so freakin fantastic… It started as a way to challenge herself creatively- the idea occurred to her one day while parking her car, and she went home and started working on photo number one!

I love the fact that the art piece is the body of work ON FACEBOOK. It’s such a fun little bit of social satire. There was something amazing about seeing the body of work-in chronological order- presented in one room. Some weeks are themed- she has a Madonna week, Gaga week, and even a Cindy Sherman tribute.  She says some photos are planned out meticulously while others are created spur of the moment or are the result of just playing in the mirror with some makeup.

I really admire how personal the work is, it takes a lot to put your face out there as your art… I mean you guys see that I crop my head out of half my photos because I’m so shy that way! So the idea of self-transforming and becoming so physically comfortable with being behind a camera, becoming a character and using physical attributes and flaws in an art project seems so overwhelmingly hard to me.

I was so enamored with the work that I bought a print! See if you can guess which one;) They start at $250, FYI.

Click through to see the rest of the photos from the evening as well as some of my favorite shots!

311 West Broadway, NY NY
May 10- May 22, 2012
Hours:1-8 PM

The makeup on this photo was done by my friend and blog reader Sasha Safdiah.. she also made the painting behind it. 


Tilly from Asbury Park was one of my faves! 


Some of the early work.

Rina and I say cheese! 

I hope you enjoyed the tour, if you live in NYC definitely check it out! See the Project Face Facebook page to see all 365 amazing portraits!

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  1. wao!! These are fantastic! so cool…..where can you bys the prints? just through the gallery?

  2. this is amazing! i’m going!

  3. Lauren says:

    This is pretty f-in cool! I love the beauty queen is spot on and the makeup on the Mona Lisa is sick!

  4. MMish says:

    im guessing you got print 181…badass

  5. Wow this is fabulous!

  6. Thanks so much for the feedback all! And thanks to sketch42 for such an incredible post!

  7. Fun and interesting faces!