FRIEZE New York!

Nicholas Hlobo

Yesterday I headed out to The Frieze Art Fair on Randal’s Island… I absolutely loved the venue and the vibe of being out of Manhattan for the fair, we ate at the Fat Radish and the food was delish too- I need to hit that up back in NYC. This was the first time Frieze is in NYC, in over from London. I’m on the fence on how I felt about the art at the event, now looking back there were a lot of compelling pieces, but in the moment, I didn’t feel it. I’m sad that I didn’t get a chance to check out PULSE or NADA…if any of you were there, what did you think?

Below are some of my favorite pieces from the fair, or at least the ones that attracted me enough to take photos (and I have 100 more…), but I guess looking at these its safe to say I have a type? As you can tell, my friend Casey and I had a blast, and like I said, the vibe was so fun!

Joanne Greenbaum, Untitled, 2012

(Dorky side pony is a little too fresh and tight! But how good would a little shaved sideburn action look? Come on, you know it.)

Joel Kyack

Anselm Reyle

Click through, lot more fun stuff after the jump!

Dieter Roth

KAWS, CHUM (KCA3), 2012

Bernard Piffaretti – the artist actually divides the canvas, paints one side and then tries to replicate the painting freehand on the other side.

Andreas Schulze, Rombo Duemila, 1998

Gert & Uwe Tobias, Untitled, 2012

Gary Hume, Pink Lips 2010 – Or as I like to call this piece: The pink nipple is everything. 

Fiona Rae, Blush, 1997

Maccarone Gallery

Michael Williams, Sponge 2012

Jon Pestoni, David Kordansky Gallery. This was my favorite of this artist’s pieces, I felt the others while in the same vein were a little flat.

Tracey Emin – The neon trend is hot and heavy… BUT if that handwriting was a font, I would buy it for my blog in a heartbeat.

Walid Raad, I feel a great desire to meet the masses again. 2011

Joanne Greenbaum, Untitled, 2012


So what do you think? Have you read the article in NYMag from a few weeks ago entitled How to make it in the Art World? Check it out HERE. Ha, I thought Jerry Saltz intro was spot on, and I laughed at Number 11’s list of the five pieces everyone wants right now… funny cause its oh-so-true. Thoughts?

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  1. great photos! Interesting art. Really enjoyed the NY Mag article!

  2. Lauren says:

    If you shave any part of your head I’ll never read this blog again! lol

    What’s the material in the first photo? String? Yarn? It’s pretty interesting.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yarn… And come on, you know you would love it if I actually went through with it and shaved ;)

  3. So much art goodness…love the Pestoni pink/red piece and the nipple one;)

  4. Haha I didn’t realize you caught the guy picking the giant nose on camera! Great time, awesome photos!

  5. that was a real treat. thank you!