DIY: Liz’s Studded Converse

Just a little intro: Liz, my fantastic intern, is an amazing DIY’er. You saw her first project a few weeks ago, the Washi Tape art, and she is going to be sharing projects with us at Sketch42. And now, without further ado, the DIY, written and executed by Liz:

Many of us have free time with summer coming up, and what better way to spend a day with a friend than immersing yourself in a plethora of DIY projects! I myself have quite the extensive list of creative activities I’d like to attempt this summer and why not start with studding a pair of Converse sneakers?? I’ve forever wanted a pair of What Comes Around Goes Around Studded Converse Sneakers, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $195 on a pair of Converse kicks. So, on a leisure day with my sister, we decided to get in a dose of M&J style DIY. After a lengthy search for the specific pair of Converse I wanted to stud, we finally found success at a store called Grand Slam in midtown – I chose the AS Light Hi Top – they have a much thinner sole than the standard Converse that I find a bit sleeker. Next came M&J – with so many options, it was hard to decide, but ultimately I chose black, medium sized screw studs.


1 Pair Converse – any style
Multiple packs of studs (quantity depends how you would like to stud the sneakers)
1 Leather hole puncher (available for purchase @ M&J)
1 Ruler
1 Pen or marker

Step 1: Figure out the stud pattern. Though I initially wanted to stud mine similarly to the What Comes Around Goes Around version, I quickly figured out that the size of my leather hole puncher limited me to punch only up to 3 inches from the tops of the shoe, so I needed to come up with a new gameplan. I decided to make 4 straight lines of studs on the top part of the outer side of the sneaker.

Step 2: Using your ruler and marker, carefully make equidistant marks on the shoe, marking where you would like to place the studs. Being that I lacked the handy dandy assistance of a ruler, I used tape to give me a straight line edge.

Step 3: Now that you’ve delineated the exact placement of the studs, it is time to start punching. There are many different sized holes that the leather hole puncher is able to make. I recommend testing on a separate fabric to see which size hole will fit your specific studs. Once you have determined the proper size, using the leather hole puncher, start punching holes in the places you’ve marked. The studs I used were 1/2″ small spike with screw and I set my leather hole puncher on 3.5.

Step 4: Once you’ve punched all the holes, start screwing!!! No tools are necessary – simply screw in the studs through the holes and voilà, you’ve got yourself a brand new pair of kick-ass studded Converse.


There are so many different ways this project can be done. For my next pair, I am going to spraypaint silver studs in multiple neon colors and I’m going to stud the tongue of the Converse. I obviously wore my Converses that night and got so many compliments!!!


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  1. Love this!

    I did a polka-dot looking pattern pair ( a couple of years ago and they are still my faves

    Sadly, I didn’t have any screw-on studs, so my fingers hurt for days after pushing regular studs in…

  2. Wow…DIY geniuses never cease to amaze me- these are brilliant.

  3. Colleen says:

    Hi – I found your blog by searching for diy converse sneaks and I ended up reading all of it. Love your style!


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