Blogging Rockstars at Home.

Christine From Bijous and Boheme

So this week is BLOGFEST, an event hosted by Kravet, that’s brought together some of my favorite bloggers from across the web-o-sphere.

Bear with me for a minute:

This is a typical conversation between my mother in law and my mother: “You are the best in law! I love you like a sister!” ” Noooooooooo, YOU are the best in law!” “You throw the best parties and raised the best child!” “NOOOOOO YOUUUUUUUUUUUU are the best mother and party thrower!” ” Thank you SOOOOO MUCHHHH for your help finding a new XYZ, you are THE BEST AT THAT!” “AWWWWW NO YOUUUUUU ARE!” Cut to me rolling my eyes in the back seat and starting to tease them….

This is what blog fest is like. “OMG- Sketch42?!?!?! I LOVE YOUUUUUURRRRRRRRRR blog and your house!” ” NOOOOO, Erica, I LOVE YOUUUURRRRRRRRR HOUSE!!!!”  “No, no, no- youuuu are so awesome…..”  “NO, YOU ARE!!!!!!!!”

LOL. It’s one big giant humble/brag (as Alex put it)!  And I mean that in the best WAY POSSIBLE. It’s so exciting for everyone to meet up with the blogging badasses that we’ve been following from obscurity to success! Every one of these girls have made a name for themselves by putting themselves and their homes out there, and most have been published, or will be soon. Not only do they blog daily, but they have the balls to show us where and how they live. These are the people changing the conversation we have online about interiors!

So these are the apartments I’ve been hanging out with this week. HA.

Sue, The Zhush

Jamie Meares, Furbish

Chassity, Look Linger Love 

Erica, Small Shop Studio

Alex, Things That Sparkle

Erica, Design Blahg

Naomi, Design Manifest

Susan, House of Brinson

So much fun to hang with the girls behind the homes- many of which I’ve posted before- and the people behind the blogs that kill it daily in the blog-o-sphere…. So in conclusion:

Noooooooo, I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrr blogggggggggggg.

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  1. Agreed! You ladies all have beautiful places

  2. Hah! I love it. A very good description! It’s fun to see compiled shots from everyone’s homes. I love the different taste of each of these talented ladies.

  3. Love this post. So glad you did it. And wow, I love everyones’ houses all together.

  4. Best post! I love so many of your rockstars!

  5. ha! so fun…no YOU da best! #mutualadmirationsociety
    thanks for making my day!

  6. hahaha!!! I love it!!! All such beautiful and talented ladies you are! I looooooove your blog! xx

  7. Kecia says:

    Whoa! That’s seriously the creme dela creme right there!…the bloggers and their home design!


  8. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

  9. So true. Sometimes I shock myself with the amount of exclamation points I use when talking with bloggers. Thanks for including me. I was nerdily so excited to meet you.

    PS- can someone please organize a blogger showhouse? (And invite me to join.)

  10. This is a wonderful blogpost and I love the shout out to Blogfest and I love all the homes. My my you are a talented bunch and I do see some very familiar fabrics and we thank you all for that!!!! BKG

  11. No no no you da best. Beyond honored to be in this group. Thanks for the inclusion. Loved meeting you. And random, but I love today’s post about going back to basics fashion wise. I love a good trend too, but I adore classics that I know I can have for a long time.

  12. So tickled to be in any group you’d use the word rockstar for:) Absolutely adored sitting across a few tables with you. xoxo

  13. Seeing the homes behind the bloggers I love is always a favorite- yours is no exception, I love your apartment!