At Grandma’s…

I went to visit my grandparents today… and I just had to take another picture…She’s endlessly inspirational, my grandma is. Look how she framed that tapestry that my great-grandmother made. Love. Love it all.

(In case you are new here, my grandmother is fabulous, her houses were decorated in the 70’s and have looked that way since… but I think they should and could be in any magazine today. Someone needs to start a column that finds untouched spaces like this!)

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  1. Okay it’s obvious your grandmother has amazing pieces here, have you ever asked her for any of them or tried to take one of them home? I would walk out with everything in my purse!

  2. sweet jesus…if she ever decides to get rid of mrs. lime and mirrors i will dance naked for it.

  3. I love that green chinoiserie piece! What great taste! I’m glad we are close to summer cause its when we get more grandma posts.

  4. You know I love her! You need to a book like Advanced Style (The Decor Edition), and put all us groovy decor grannies in it! Or maybe another blog?!
    xo xo

  5. Wow! That is awesome, Its no wonder where you get your style.

  6. That room makes me crazy- insanely perfect.

  7. That is just sublime. Totally timeless and totally today. That carpet is delicious…like cotton candy fluff.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      My grandmother drew out that pattern and had it custom made for her. Some of it is raised and fluffy and other parts are flat… and there is no repeat! Its all different!

  8. ray says:

    love grandma