Art Jacobs.

If you haven’t already seen this, I think its pretty interesting and funny… Apparently the subversive street artist known for tagging extremely high end fashion houses, Kidult, tagged the Marc Jacob store earlier this week… as the Marc Jacobs team cleaned up the graffiti, they snapped a photo and tweeted it, calling it “Art by Art Jacobs”.  Kidult was apparently watching them scrub the store clean and was also tweeting photos of it and I guess trying to make his presence known and claim ownership… I guess he didn’t really dig the spin that the Marc Jacobs team was putting on his supposedly subversive graffiti.

He then accused Marc Jacobs of being a capitalist “thieve” and copying him.  Then Marc Jacobs’ group released this T-shirt, which they are apparently selling at their boutique:

For $689 dollars.”$680 if its signed by the artist.” And it’s actually for sale.

I think this whole thing is hilarious and I love the T-shirt. Not $689 dollars worth of love. But still, I’ll laugh if I see anyone wearing it. It’s super badass and so clever. Lesson learned: Don’t F with Marc Jacobs.

Then this showed up on Tumblr:

Hahah… Love it.

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  1. Atara says:

    That is freakin hilarious! Love that- so clever of them that they responded that way!

  2. You gave a great giggle. It’s like Spy vs Spy, but instead Subversive vs Subversive. Now make me a T-shirt please, oversize and sexy to wear with my skinny jeans.
    xo xo

  3. Bahhahahaa that shit is hilarious. Like button.

  4. So fantastic and clever!