In the round.

Ever since I sold The Shower Painting, then the painting above the striped chair a few weeks ago, my apartment has been kind of sadly art-barren. But now I am preparing for something new and exciting happening here in the next few weeks, so I need to get this place looking top notch. This round painting was something I made in August, and then recently re-worked and now it’s one of my new favorites. I love the way the round canvas looks on the wall above the Bjorn high chair and next to the black door. (The day I put my Peg Perego in storage and bought this all plastic, chic and tiny Bjorn number was a good one, I can tell you that! Would have I EVER left  that clunker in a photo? NO!!! I hated looking at it and worse-cleaning it.) I also like the way it plays with the round Hick’s pendants.

The painting is vaguely reminiscent of spin art – (Oh, how I dream of building a spin art machine big enough to make huge round canvases.) It’s a fun new edition to the household! I’m currently stretching a massive painting for the other wall in the living room, and I’ve just framed some of Cookie’s work and they look amazing. I’ll post updates as they roll in.

Why is it that I only buckle down and get things done before a photo shoot or when people are coming over? You too?

Have a great day!

(OH- and in case you were wondering, YES it is the painting in the new header!)

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  1. Super cool, as usual. Love.

  2. Love the painting- where do you find round canvases?

    I’m the QUEEN of getting things done only when people are coming over-but I think it’s hereditary because my mom is the exact same way

  3. So happy to see the whole painting! I’ve been hoping you’d post it since the new header appeared (happy my vote made it :). Fabulous. The round design makes such a statement – honestly, the whole thing reminds me a little of Hubble telescope pictures of the Horsehead nebula… there’s a sense of moving out into space, and infinite possibility.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I think I loved this font the best from the start, I was just having moments of hesitation!

      But as someone pointed out, the font can be both “dressed up” and fun, so it’s definitely a match for the blog’s content!

      And ha- yes it does look very extra-terrestrial. Round paintings are so interesting, and I actually had a hard time making it. You need to address the round-ness but you don’t want to do something cheesy or expected to it. It wasn’t easy!

  4. Vivian says:

    lol i also only get things done when people are coming over! love the painting!

  5. MMish says:

    it looks SO GOOD! Only you could make a highchair look sexy and cool

  6. This painting is simply gorgeous!!! I spent time with it playing with the header and to actually see that it is round? amazing! can’t wait to see your other new living room piece!

  7. These photos reminded me of how much I love how your walls are painted!

  8. Love! looks amazing in the kitchen! What an amazing piece! Way to go Nicole!
    Ps – love the new header!!

  9. Okay, now that is just plain fabulous. I love the scale!

  10. Love it of course! But you knew that. So excited to hear about your big news and photo shoot!!!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Eh, its not THAT big of a deal, but I may or may not have a couple hundred people coming over. So I need to clean up and get ready!

  11. jody says:

    looks great…love the header too!x

  12. Sabrina says:

    Yay, South Beach font! Love the painting, and I didn’t even realize the high chair was anything other than a crazy space-age chair.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      You crack me up! So I picked this new font for my titles of posts and Im bragging all day about it. Little did I know that the only person who can see it is ME! Stay tuned for that update, I think you are going to like it!

      Ha, Im glad you didn’t know it was a high chair! You should have seen my first one!

  13. Brandy says:

    The painting is stunning, but I was wondering if you could tell me about the light fixtures? They are fabulous! Where are they from?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Circa lighting, they are called hicks pendants.

      Thank you!


  1. Woody says:

    […] apartment feels like a whole new place to me. Between the round painting over the high chair, Cookie’s pieces, this Woody and the new paintings, it’s a new world. I also moved the […]