In The Park…

NYC is in full bloom, and its just so exhilarating… Yesterday I hit the Museum of Natural History and trekked across Central Park with 2 kids (alone), which was a fun adventure:

Gathering sticks,

Collecting rocks.

It was fun, and exhausting. I love how there are parts of Central Park that feel so New York, and parts that feel prehistoric.

I stopped to take a few photos along the way, and so did Cookie:

She takes my phone, and randomly takes photos of things. I wonder where she learned that from. Also, note the outfit: messy side braid, denim shirt, white jeans, messenger bag and cute sneakers… I was wearing almost the exact same thing.

Gotta love Spring Break!

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  1. Lol I die.


  2. Love the park in bloom. It is our first spring in the city and I am totally mesmerized – cannot stop taking pictures (like a certain little one) and posting them to twitter…Love it! Sounds like it was a great day!!

  3. I love Cookie’s purse! My little one loves wearing one too :) She is a mini-you…the outfit, the photos….too cute. What a perfect day you had yesterday! Enjoy

  4. She is just too cute! And that outfit-love it!

  5. Marielle says:

    omg she is not normal!!!!!!!! 3 going on 30

  6. Cheri says:

    Our girl is exactly you!, and she hadvher shades in her bag!,

  7. Beautiful time with your children. I love the way she is dressed!

  8. She’s so sweet!

  9. walking with two is not easy… but you have girls, they are calmer… with boys is total crazy, my head always spining around!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I have one boy (1) and one girl (3.5) and I was strolling a double stroller, but she wouldn’t sit in it… it was chaos. But fun! 2 kids on 1 adult is always hard!

      • Nicole, sorry to confuse your little precious with a girl… so many blogs, so many lifes, sometimes i mess it up…

        It was a mistake for me not to buy a double stroller… i thought i ´ll never need it, but i was wrong… so so wrong!

        • Nicole Cohen says:

          No worries! Oh yea, so I started by just having the standing thing on the bugaboo, plus a mclaren, plus a snap and go. Then about a month ago, we just bit the bullet and bought the Joovy. Its a sit and stand, one kid has a full seat, the other is back to back with the first, and has like a little jump seat. They can also stand… for the older kid…

  10. Adorable! My 3 year old is also into iPhone and iPad pics (many that I’ll discover later!), and dressing like mommy. Such a fun age, we are so lucky. ;0)

  11. That is just too cute! My 1 year old is also interested in photo and has helps me paint already! Love it!!

  12. claudy says:


  13. ReneeB says: