DIY: Floral crown for hipsters and flower girls.

Ever since Lana del Rey came on the scene with pounds of fresh flowers on her head, floral crowns have been a thing. Then my friend Leandra, The Man Repeller, was all excited about wearing one at Coachella… And so, now I wanted one. But then I thought, DAMN IT, Coachella is over, and I didn’t go. So am I really going to wear a crown of flowers on my head for no good reason? No. But…. I know someone who would, AND COULD! Cookie! Is there anything cuter than a little girl with flowers in her hair? Of course there isn’t. I originally conceived of this post as a flower girl for a wedding post, Cookie is going to be one in my sister’s wedding in a few months, and a crown of real flowers would be insanely gorgeous. I was going to put her in a dress and take sweet photos. But then, after we made the crown, and put it on her with her regular clothes, I thought it was EVEN CUTER as a little mini-hipster, hippy girl child! She insisted on wearing it to school, and I brought my camera, so lets just say it was an interesting walk!

You need: A few yards of wire, and a yard of ribbon with rosettes attached.

The how to is very easy: Buy some wire, measure the head and twist a few strands of wire into a circle. Take the strand of rosettes, pop one of the rosettes throughout the wires and secure the edge with glue (you don’t even really need the glue), then wrap the ribbon around the wire, I chose to wrap very tightly and have the rosettes be on the inside and outside of the loop, but you could do it so that the rosettes are only on the outside of the crown. When you get to the end of the crown, take the last rosette, pop it through the wires and twist it through a few times so that it doesn’t come loose. You can add glue here too.

And now: Some gratuitous pics of Cookie modeling the crown! I have  billion cute photos from this 5 minute walk. Maybe Ill post them on my Facebook Page?

I know street style for kids exists in the form of Planet Awesome Kid, but I would love it if a serious street photographer made a blog with consistently beautiful photographs of kids being awesome! Someone do it!

And now I think I need my own flower crown too.

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  1. Coockie is too cute! her hair too beautiful and you too talented…love it

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      That hair… Its really amazing isn’t it. Thats what my hair looked like before I grew up and ruined it.

  2. Haha I love cookie wearing the crown!
    I made one a few years ago and bring it out every summer. Love that it is finally acceptable! Cute Nic!

  3. Lauren says:

    That hair!!!! Can we talk about the face she is making in the 2nd to last picture? hahha so damn cute.

    Crowns must be making a comeback, I even saw Arielle from SomethingNavy wearing one in a blog post.

  4. Cookie is so stunning!
    I dream of having hair like that-and you totally still do!

    This DIY is so simple, am I too old to wear a version of it when I’m a bridesmaid for my bro-in-law’s wedding this summer?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ummmm… I don’t think so, I think you can get away with it because its a summer wedding! GO FOR IT!

  5. good god she is ADORABLE! her hair is so beautiful!

  6. Love it. I wish I could get away with it. Unfortunately I’d end up looking like a wayward renaissance fair kook.

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhsofrigginadorableican’tstandit!
    LOVE me some Cookie! She is delicious; I must must must get on making my girls some crowns of their own! Love. And YES to the kids’ style blog!!! Would love that.

  8. Marielle says:

    cant breathe from herrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes gona be the prettiest flower girl everrrrrrrrrrr

  9. claudy says:

    shes soo cool

  10. such a beautiful crown! her hair is amazing too… i hope you’re not shampooing it! as a life long curly, all you need is conditioner to wash it, shampoo is death to curls, all it does is dry them out.


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