DIY: Embroidery Floss Necklace.



This Spring is apparently all about the execution and finalization of the trends we saw budding last spring… The chickens are coming home to roost. Anyway, last spring I was OBSESSED with the Proenza Schouler necklace above, and equally obsessed with the creations of Holst + Lee:


I even modeled one the day I visited Cut 25! Of course I thought I could, should and would make one of these myself. But it wasn’t until I happened upon the perfect tubular necklace at H&M that I decided to follow through. Sometimes its all about waiting for the right supplies to find you.

Anyway, I made a super simplified version of the above, and now Im thinking perhaps I should jazz mine up with nuts and bolts and more layers…

Here we go:

The basic premise is that you are doing the “Chinese Staircase” stitch around the tube. Do that by first looping a large piece of string around the top of the necklace. That allows you to work with a double strand of floss. In this case, the tube is acting like the second strand, if you were just doing the stitch normally. You put the thread over and around the tube and pull through the loop.

Keep Repeating until you are satisfied with how thick the color is. Then you can bring in other colors by just layering it on top of the thread from the first color. You can bring back old colors by just taking them out of the pile of threads and using it to loop around again.

And there you go! Mine is just OK compared to the original, but it gets the job done for now… I think I may need to add one hundred more of these to get the job done right!

Of course, you can also buy Holst + Lee HERE.

Have a great day everyone, I will, cause it’s my birthday, and I’ve decided to not be a moron about it this year! Have a good one!

Oh! Additionally, I added some new and unsold paintings to my gallery HERE– check them out, and email with inquiries.


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  1. this is great! definitely going to try it! i have a blog about fashion, food, art and just interesting stuff definitely worth checking out!
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  2. Your version looks great !! And have an extra fabulous birthday !


  3. Oh I love it. And if you added another longer one to it, it would be incredible! Have a happy birthday!

  4. HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday!!! Yeay! I hope you are celebrating it big this year :) I hope to see your outfit for this evening on twitter :) Love your DIY…..Would be cute with different lengths added to it….So much room for exploration.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I can’t celebrate, its passover! No cake and barely any liquor! and all my friends are out of town too! But its been a nice day!

  5. My ambitious side tells me to try the first one. My brain points and laughs. I’ll give it a go and see.

    Feliz compleanos!

  6. Omg Chinese staircase!! Your DIYs are always amazing and always remind me of summer camp

  7. Friendship style bracelets and necklaces bring back such memories- I should see if my parents still have my string box and make some bracelets and necklaces like these- love them!

  8. Very cool stuff this week…ALL of it, but of course I followed the links that led me to this awesome necklace because I like to wear art….and just started making jewelry last year…so I just wanted you to know that I loved it, and I’m going to try your version…maybe with a pendant or a dangle…we’ll see. Thanks!1

  9. Love your new necklace and thanks for revisiting this post from last year. It is still one of my faves. I made one of these necklaces last year when you featured this on your blog and it is by far my favorite necklace i own and it is just all the better that i made it myself. I wore it out last night for my 10th anniversary celebration. thanks for keeping us inspired and creating!!