Ugly Pretty.

I was looking through my photos from fashion week today and found this one….¬†Originally I thought that was pretty much the ugliest fur I’d ever seen. Now I kinda like it in the context of this photo. Off the shoulder, gazing at the models, fashion mag rolled up in crocodile purse. I like that the dress on the magazine picks up the color in the fur. Is it ugly pretty or just ugly?

It’s an inappropriate photo for a 60 degree weekend in late March, but so what?!?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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  1. i love this photo! i always find that the things that ‘repel’ me the most on instinct… are the ones that i ultimately come to love and appreciate!! i’m right there with ya, girl!!

  2. Kecia says:

    Neither! It’s just plain pretty!


  3. FashionMaven says:

    Ugly fabulous?