The Bachelor Pad Reveal.

So here it is… The photos I took at the shoot yesterday of the bachelor pad! The place was being shot by Emily Anderson for Kelly Edwards’ The Design Cookbook coming out next year, which is a different spin on the how to do it yourself aspect of decorating. Think lots of breaking down of spaces to their core ingredients, DIY tips and tricks and of course, fun and inspiring interiors. You can learn more about Kelly HERE.

So even though I knew about the shoot for weeks…. Obviously some things still didn’t get done in time. For example, the TV was hung on the wall the night before the shoot and the unit that is supposed to be floating below it didn’t get hung. Not a big deal for these purposes because the TV wall is by far the most boring elevation in the space, but annoying. Another thing that didn’t get done, we are on the hunt for a huge black and white photo for the space near the couch. This is not something you buy overnight, and so for the sake of the shoot we literally hung one of my  raw unstretched canvases on the wall, just to add some color to the photos. That probably won’t be there permanently, although I do love the color in the photos… Hmmm… what else? I brought over my own coffee table books for styling purposes, but now I think that I should leave them there….

Also, I had 8 BILLION pictures to choose from. Like I didn’t want to show 8 pictures of the lucite chairs, but TRUST, those chairs are amazing from behind. And I have even more to show of the bar area and the desk behind the sofa… one day when I hang the TV, I’ll take some photos of that view.

And last, I’ll give you a little insight into my thought process in this space: I wanted to make something fun and cool without being too serious. It’s a rental, and the client is a young fun dude who wanted his space to be exciting! (“Im from LA, I can handle it!” he said!) I did NOT want the space to feel overdecorated and I wanted to play with the ideas of a masculine space, but obviously putting my own spin on it. (I even tried to choose “masculine” flowers for the photos, nothing worse than seeing inappropriate flowers in a bachelor pad!) I also wanted the space to be colorful but Im not the biggest fan of color, so this is my take on that.

We really love the space, I hope you enjoy it too! Overall, it was a fun space to make, not taking anything too seriously and just having fun with it!

Enjoy and have a great day!

The SOURCES post is now up HERE with more photos.


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  1. Where do I start? Those chairs… The pillows… But mostly – the shots of green! It’s just perfect, Nic. And yes, please, more posts.

  2. HOLY @Q#*O%&*@(#&$- it’s AH-MAAAAZING!!!! I literally am without words almost. The green sofa, fur throw and lucite chairs- I could not possibly adore them more. This is literally the most perfectly designed/styled room I’ve seen in like, forever. So inspired Nicole.

  3. Looks great! You must be so pleased after all these months of work!

  4. PS- can you tell me where that fur throw comes from? I think I need one…looks very expensive- yes, no?

  5. Lauren says:

    Love it! The sofa, the little green chair w/ books (it’s a chair right?) The black doors! Where is the yellow side table from?

    You’re amazing!

  6. Nicole Cohen says:

    Awesome!! Love that you guys are loving it! Im going to do a whole post with the sources?!? Cool with you guys?

  7. angela says:

    looks really good! wow great job!

  8. Lena says:

    I must know the fabric for the couch, please. I am searching for that exact color but I only seem to find that shade of green from the 90’s aka forest green.

  9. Yeah, it’s like totally freaking amazing. Knew it would be!

  10. WykehamGirl/Shelley says:

    Absolutely stunning!!!

  11. Lawny says:

    SO happy to see the space!! Shower us with photos, I want to see them all… ‘I’m from LA, I can handle it’ ;) No seriously, how could we tire of such a great space!? Like the other poster said, the green velvet it the ‘perfect’ tone and the pillows are killer. Can’t wait to see more!!

  12. More More! Amazing!

  13. THIS. IS. AMAZING. I’m insanely impressed and inspired. Never would have thought that an emerald green sofa could look so good! AGGH!!

  14. Loving this apt, such amazing work Nicole!

  15. totally hot, nicole. good job!

  16. It’s awesome, great work! More posts om it please. Did you do the bedroom too?

  17. I am totally speechless but didn’t expect anything less from you. As the room progressed I couldn’t help but choose a new favorite piece… Now that it has all come together it is simply my favorite room. On top of being insanely chic and sexy, it’s also totally livable and comfy which is not an easy thing to pull off! Can’t wait to see the bachelors bedroom…

    • Cbottles says:

      I cant wait either!! exactly what i was thinking, very functional furniture as well as looking amazing!

  18. That green sofa was worth the wait…it made the room.


    Rebecca June

  19. Very fun!
    Love the lucite chair duo and the general, jocular masculinity of the joint.
    Look forward to the dude-oir reveal.
    Cheers, Alcira

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Jocular Masculinity! Thats exactly what I was going for- you nailed it with that phrase Alcira!

  20. Wao!! its perfect! I love it all. Love the sconce on top of the dining table…dining chairs are on fire… the green sofa. I can’t wait for more photos and to see the book when it comes out. Congrats!

  21. It turned out amazing! And the photos are beautiful as well! Where are the mirrored coffee tables from? Their perfect!

  22. Sabrina says:

    Love it! The couch, the green chair, the wall, the whole vibe. I’d like to see more pictures and sources.

  23. OMG this is stunning!!!!!! I love the couch and well everything about it!
    Secret, I am in Kelly’s books as well!!! How fun!

  24. This seriously needs to be in a Elle Decor. SO impressed!

  25. This looks absolutely INCREDIBLE, Nicole!! So, so beautiful (handsome, whatever). Such a gorgeous space. I would *love* to see even more photos, please!! :)

  26. Nicole you are a very talented designer! Love the work you are doing!
    This space is amazing. You are the queen of Bachelor apartment decorating! And your photos are pretty damn good. Maybe you should do a chic book :-)
    xo xo

  27. Seriously fantastic job. Some brave choices and I love it. Bravo! Can’t wait to see more. -BP

  28. what an amazing pad, you did an amazing job
    I love the orange and zebra stripped chairs! well and of course the green ones too.

  29. those chairs are ridiculous. and that green sofa…i need it.
    what i want to know is where did you find the chairs? is the sofa new? where did it come from?
    the coffee tables…where did they come from? LOVE those.
    great job nicole. it’s super sexy. masculine but not overtly…and relaxed without looking like a hipster douche pad. well done you.

  30. Numommy says:

    that green sofa! its gorgeous and decadent and I love it! Also the light above the dining table, perfect

  31. Looks great, Love how the painted wall reflects off the mirrored coffee tables

  32. Woah. That is so good. I’ve been a lurker for months and months, but this totally deserved a comment. I love the color scheme. It feels fresh, but somehow really classic. What makes it is that you knew how to edit with the accessories and even the art, since everything is really strong on its own.

    Great job!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thanks for coming out of the shadows! And yes, you totally get it. I was trying to keep everything strong and simple.

  33. Danielle says:

    its amazing!! seriously great! share your sources!! wheres the couch, coffee table, dining chairs, dining table and lucite chairs all from?!! omg i die for those!

  34. Cheri says:

    U really did an awesome job!! It’s stunning and sharp and cool!! What more could anyone want?? Good for u!, chalk this up to another one of ur amazing talents!! Can’t wait to see ur new project get under way!

  35. The space is killer. Interesting and well edited. Those coffee table are to-die. And that throw, I agree with Christine, I need to know the source! Well done.

  36. Wow, it looks amazing Nicole – big congrats to you! The photograph definitely does the space justice. Truly inspiring xx

  37. As you would say Nicole, “Amazeballs” this is beautiful! Can’t wait to read the post revealing the sources and how it all came together! You can’t deny talent!

  38. Those rattan and lucite side chairs are to DIE FOR. And I am green with envy over the emerald couch. You are so talented!! LOVE.

  39. That black and white wall is priceless… LOVE IT. The double mirror coffee tables– also adore. And lets not forget the dining chairs. Absolutely beautiful.
    Very nicely done :)

  40. Ummm…You’re gonna have to get that bedroom finished STAT because he’s going to need it if he brings any ladies home. Just sayin.

  41. Oh my gaga!!! Nicole I loooove it!!!!! So dramatic and fresh!! I’m totally getting the dark green mohair chair out of storage that I found at a vintage shop. I’ve been saving it for my next redo, now I can’t wait!! Awesome job and totally magazine worthy!

  42. Amazing Use of our orange cafe chairs with Zebra seats. Maybe I’m late to this party but wow! AMAZING collected, and timely design!


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