The Bachelor Pad Reveal.

So here it is… The photos I took at the shoot yesterday of the bachelor pad! The place was being shot by Emily Anderson for Kelly Edwards’ The Design Cookbook coming out next year, which is a different spin on the how to do it yourself aspect of decorating. Think lots of breaking down of spaces to their core ingredients, DIY tips and tricks and of course, fun and inspiring interiors. You can learn more about Kelly HERE.

So even though I knew about the shoot for weeks…. Obviously some things still didn’t get done in time. For example, the TV was hung on the wall the night before the shoot and the unit that is supposed to be floating below it didn’t get hung. Not a big deal for these purposes because the TV wall is by far the most boring elevation in the space, but annoying. Another thing that didn’t get done, we are on the hunt for a huge black and white photo for the space near the couch. This is not something you buy overnight, and so for the sake of the shoot we literally hung one of my  raw unstretched canvases on the wall, just to add some color to the photos. That probably won’t be there permanently, although I do love the color in the photos… Hmmm… what else? I brought over my own coffee table books for styling purposes, but now I think that I should leave them there….

Also, I had 8 BILLION pictures to choose from. Like I didn’t want to show 8 pictures of the lucite chairs, but TRUST, those chairs are amazing from behind. And I have even more to show of the bar area and the desk behind the sofa… one day when I hang the TV, I’ll take some photos of that view.

And last, I’ll give you a little insight into my thought process in this space: I wanted to make something fun and cool without being too serious. It’s a rental, and the client is a young fun dude who wanted his space to be exciting! (“Im from LA, I can handle it!” he said!) I did NOT want the space to feel overdecorated and I wanted to play with the ideas of a masculine space, but obviously putting my own spin on it. (I even tried to choose “masculine” flowers for the photos, nothing worse than seeing inappropriate flowers in a bachelor pad!) I also wanted the space to be colorful but Im not the biggest fan of color, so this is my take on that.

We really love the space, I hope you enjoy it too! Overall, it was a fun space to make, not taking anything too seriously and just having fun with it!

Enjoy and have a great day!

The SOURCES post is now up HERE with more photos.


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