On my list…


The latest things I’ve been casually peeking at online over and over again. Keith Haring cuff: DIY or BUY? That is the question. These Sam Edelman shoes look way more expensive than they are. HERE. Marni+ resin+ horn + gemstone earrings HERE.. I’m telling you, I will buy the SHIT out of that H&M Marni collaboration. Get ready. I’m going to hoard it all. And these Louboutins HERE, that I might just buy in black, because to tell you the truth, Im getting sick of neon.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    I have been lusting after those Sam Edelman’s too! I guess we better pull the trigger before they are gone!

  2. I’m with you on the Marni H&M collaboration. at what time will you get there? what’s your strategy? Edelman is making really amazing and nice looking shoes, comfortable too. Cuff- DIY- yours would be cooler.

  3. I’m trying to decide between those Sam Edelman shoes or the Elizabeth and James ones.


    Rebecca June

  4. Lauren says:

    DYI Cuff!

  5. MMish says:

    DIY the cuff, get the loubs in Black, bring me back a marni present…have a great day!

  6. i say DIY the cuff FOR SURE. and blog about it! it reminds me of your walls in the bachelor’s apartment!

  7. NIC,
    I love those Louboutin’s, but I agree with the black. I love them because they are FINALLY NOT a platform. I find them much more flattering, feminine and sexy this way, so much so that I now refuse to buy any platform pumps.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      OH GOD! I SO AGREE! I haven’t looked at a platform in 2 years. Unless it was like a super retro intentional platform, not an “all shoes have platforms now” platform. GAH!

  8. these are fantastic, really loving that marni for h&m bracelet i’m so intrigued by the details. can’t deny who gorgeous those neon loubs are!

  9. Hello! Hope you had better luck at the Marni sale today that I did! All sold out by the time I got there at noon. So upset! I do love that acrylic bracelet of theirs above. Great list…love them all!