Bachelor Pad: The Sources!

Thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday! I totally loved doing this place, so it makes me glad that you guys get what I was going for and like the work I did! I mean, I birthed this space: design, art, photographed! I even built half the furniture in here, which was not a good thing for anyone involved.

What I like about this space, is that everything is stuff almost anyone could buy. Its nothing D&D, it’s not really anything secret or only available to decorators, its simple stuff…and all together it cost about the same as if someone just went into a Crate and Barrel and said “I’ll take that room.” Sad that people do that, but they do.


The sofa was custom made by Room Service in LA. Now, don’t get scared off by the “custom made” part… it was pretty easy, I picked this sofa (HERE) with strong mid-century lines, changed a few things, minused the tufting, gave measurements and picked a fabric. Room Service was very easy to work with, until the fabric I chose was out of stock and I found out about it the week the couch was supposed to come. ANNOYING. I ended up going to Mood, choosing a fabric on the spot and shipping it out to LA. (It’s actually a brushed cotton, they didn’t have a velvet. Original fabric choice was velvet though.) The couch still didn’t make it to my client’s New Years Eve party, which was sad and annoying for all of us. I will say that Room Service did a good job with the sofa and that it is quite comfortable. And the best part is that even with the custom fabric and $500 shipping from LA, this couch was CHEAP. Like really really well priced for a custom couch, or even an in-stock couch!

The coffee tables are polished stainless steel (not mirror) and they are from ABC HOME. The rattan and lucite chairs are from Pieces. The shag is from the ABC clearance basement.

The AMAZINGLY beautiful pillows are from Stone Textile Studio and I have to say they are even better in person, the fabric is a thick linen folded over itself. So chic. HERE.

Dining chairs are from Design Legacy... I ADORE them. Also love the West Elm Chandelier above and the painting I made behind it. I had that painting in mind for the space from day 1. Foyer console is Bungalow 5, Mirror Cb2, Prints are by moi – the same one that is on my iPhone cover.


Bookends are from Barney’s, throw is from Barney’s, BOOM is a photo of a neon installation.

The green little chair is from Home Goods! They said it was vintage from the 50s but who knows. The Elvis print was from 20 x 200 and I absolutely love it and the way I framed it. It’s all about that huge matt. Don’t be afraid to buy a print for $20 and frame it in a way that cost $100. The little yellow table was from The Conran Shop and we got it on sale for $20! My client completely loathes that Z shaped lamp, so I am going to have to replace it for him. I don’t understand the fiery hatred of it, it’s exactly what I wanted it to be… but of course, its going bye bye.

The desk is from West Elm, the chair is a folding chair that I had in my house, not sure if I’m keeping it there or not, and the rug is from E Cowhides.  I may replace the lucite folding chair with a leather wing chair, or something like that. Not sure yet.

A few of you mentioned that I should take down the post and try to pitch the space to magazines… I would love to see it published, OBVIOUSLY, but I feel like I need to post it on my blog. I mean, if I ask other people to share spaces on my blog, how could I not publish the spaces I create? I don’t want to “hold out for something better” because I think thats kind of insulting to all of us, right? That said, if a magazine wanted to publish it, I would be so flattered and excited… although I don’t see that happening.

When the TV wall is finished I will totally post that too…as well as bedroom.

I hope you guys enjoyed and of course, if you didn’t see yesterday’s photos of the space you can should check em out HERE.

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  1. Nicole, you are awesome. I love that you shared the sources. I love that you shared the space on your blog first instead of holding out. Thanks for keeping it real, fresh and inspiring!!

  2. The rattan and lucite chairs are so cool, love how it came together1

  3. Thanks for sharing all the sources. When I get back I will check them. Looking forward to seeing the bedroom. And I love that you posted it in your blog. I think it gives you publicity and soon enough I am sure you will have rooms published in magazines. They will come ‘a knockin. No doubt about it. Plus the fact that your graffiti wall already made it to was it Elle Decor? This is just the beginning my friend.

  4. wendy says:

    wow! if it were as easy as revealing sources we’d all be doing this. amazing…bravo!

  5. Marielle says:

    so freakin sick!!!!!

  6. Marielle says:

    i think u should paint my walls

  7. sloppytuna says:

    wow!!! i would love to meet the guy who lives this lifestyle, probably super rich and thick!!!!

  8. OMG, this space is ammmmmmazing! It looks absolutely perfect and I want every piece in my house. I have been looking for inspiration to decorate the office my husband and I share, knowing that I wanted to use deep green, black and white. I was kind of stuck, but this has totally inspired me. The perfect design for both of the sexes!!!!

  9. It came out so amazing you are so talented! I second that you should def paint Marielle’s walls!!

  10. angela says:

    looks soooooo good! you did awesome!

  11. Great use of colors and patterns for the ultimate bachelor pad! Thanks for sharing the green chair you found at HomeGoods!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      No prob! Any more details on the chair? Any idea if its really vintage or a one off… or what?

  12. That green couch made the place! I love it and what it does to your graffiti wall…totally draws it in and makes it look rich. Great job with the whole place!!

  13. Thank you for the post Nicole! We loved working with you and the end result of everything paired together looks great!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Great! Because I think I have another project that I need you for! That new curved sofa is amazing!


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