All Angles: Design Tour at Cut 25

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get a personal tour of a few amazing spaces downtown, given to me by the millwork master himself Jack Gold of Presidential Interiors, a company that specializes in luxury and completely custom millwork.

The first of these spaces was the boutique Yigal Azrouel’s Cut 25, designed by Dror Benshetrit, the Israeli design genius who does everything from art installations and architecture to product and interior design.

The Cut 25 store is not only minimally masterful with its lime washed floors, exposed brick, white walls and black piped soho loft awesomeness, but its got a lot of great ideas for us people at home to steal… Mirrors and wood desks cut on angles, abstract paintings taped out onto bare walls, and in the bathroom a big black painted trapezoid covering awkward walls and making them interesting… The design direction was obviously about using irregular angles and raw materials and the result is rather fun place to spend an afternoon shopping.

The boutique also features Dror’s famous QuaDror: the functional sculpture of two interlocking half pyramids facing each other and the subject of his QuaDror installation at The New Museum.  The QuaDror is used here as a clothes rack, although he’s also used it functionally as a base to a table or desk. Jack Gold assures me that building those QuaDrors was no easy task, but his craftsmanship was absolutely gorgeous. They used staves of white ash joined together and raw plumbing pipe. And I have to tell you, the really modern simple designs are what separate the men from the boys. Ornate details can hide flaws, but simple designs are naked before you.

Another seemingly simple but difficult to get right moment was the cash wrap at the front of the store. It’s meant to have a folded effect on the face of the cabinetry and something like that looks really simple, but sure is not easy to make!

Enjoy the tour and stop by the store the next time you are in Soho! It’s really got a great vibe!

How could I not love a design that has something that looks like I would have made it painted directly onto its walls? I only wish it was me who painted it!

Here I am modeling a fedora and an amazing Holst + Lee necklace. I’ve been SWOONING over these for the past year, ever since I saw them on models at last year’s summers shows and campaigns… The only reason I didn’t buy it is because work days are not supposed to COST me a couple of hundred bucks. Let’s save that for the weekend!

Cut 25
129 Grand Street
New York,NY


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  1. Cool space! Love the necklaces. You look so cute! I wish you had painted those walls too.

  2. I met Dror last year and he’s not only a freaking genius but one of the nicest designers out there.

  3. Love all the angles. Love the painting. Love the clothes racks – though I’m sure there’s a better word for them as the design and I’m sure craftsmanship are wonderful.


  1. […] even modeled one the day I visited Cut 25! Of course I thought I could, should and would make one of these myself. But it wasn’t until […]