Tom Ford at Home.


In honor of fashion week (which I’m frankly sick of hearing about- how annoying is having your instagram taken over by blurry runway shots?), I’ve been posting a lot of fashion people at home…  And even though this isn’t a new space, I stumbled upon it and  just had to post it.

Its Tom Ford’s London townhouse. On one hand, the chrome walls make it feel like the inside of a refrigerator. On the other hand, its kind of interesting, isn’t it?

Love the horn details on the chairs. 

This photo is styled beautifully and looks perfect. 

I tell you, I can’t for the life of me figure out whats going on in that dining room.  In the close cropped shots- the first three photos- the space looks GREAT, and then, these other photos from whats obviously another shoot reveal weird furniture layouts and empty spaces…and different dining chairs, which are MUCH much worse for the space.

It just goes to show how important a good photographer is.

I kind of like the look of no pillows on a couch, do you? (But scented candles on a coffee table, ew, yuck, no!!!!)

But the man is a sexy mofo. And I think the chrome walls are super interesting… What do you think? Sexy or morgue like? I think, had I just seen photos 1,2,3 I would say sexy. The rest need better styling.


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  1. agreed!

    i’m so OCD and can’t imagine how much upkeep it would be to clean and dust those chrome walls.

    Then again, Mr. Ford very likely has a person dedicated to that very job.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Im sure he does! And he doesn’t have kids, so unless he’s coming home drunk from a bender and using the walls to stand up, I don’t imagine he gets too many finger prints ;)

  2. Lauren says:

    I agree that the first few photos look better than the rest. I’m not feeling the extra table w/ 2 chairs in the dining room. The walls are sexy to me.

  3. I am so unimpressed! Strange… And that kitchen is so so boring!

  4. Lizzy says:

    I’m thinking there’s a second white dining table in that room because you don’t see those horn chairs there…which would look like a conference room”..def expect more from him… That first shot is amazing tho….and pretty odd artwork all over

  5. Laura says:

    I gotta say he creeps me out, and I think he has a11 those shiny walls so he can see himself ad nauseum. Not a fan… Kinda glad the bedroom isn’t included. :)

  6. Kate says:

    Not for me… but cool to get a peek at it! I’m studying interior design in Toronto and we had a guest speaker from Creative Matters, who if I remember correctly were commissioned to make the rug for the stairwell in Ford’s London townhouse, and they had a sample from that project with them – 100% silk and seriously luxurious. I’m willing to bet that those carpets in the living room shots are just as much about that texture and sheen.

  7. MMish says:

    i think its dark, sexy and moody…love it

  8. amen to the blurry image flooding on instagram

    this home is so spacious, i almost didn’t think anything of the chrome walls because i can’t picture the room without them. can’t except anything less of tom ford.

    great post!

  9. everything about tom ford is sexy to me so i wouldn’t expect his home to reflect anything else. love the chrome walls. photos 1,2,3 are great. the others need some styling. that dining room needs better chairs for sure…

  10. Lisa says:

    I admire Mr. Ford’s aesthetic- I loved ‘A Single Man’, and thought that along with the clothes, the set design was marvelous and beautiful. However, his home strikes me as cold. There isn’t any warmth to any space in these photographs. It’s very impersonal and aloof.

  11. Ha ha yah kinda cold for me! My first thought was that he likes to catch glimpses of himself in the reflections LOL! But I do like the contrast of the warm wood walls so together they make an interesting pair.
    Love seeing fashion designers at home!


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