Seeing Red.

Last week I showed you my new favorite thing in my closet, my white jeans. I know, duh, white jeans. I thought they were so hard to master, turns out they are a no brainer. I’ve had these waxed red jeans in my closet since August and I think I’ve worn them only 2 or 3 times all together. (I’ve worn the white jeans 3x in the last WEEK, just to give you some perspective.) For some reason, I wasn’t totally clicking with these jeans. Maybe because they were waxy and I felt like they looked sleazy during day time? I just couldn’t get the styling down. But I think I finally did it in a way that makes me not feel like a teeny bopper….

Keeping it simple. White batwing button down (the one I bought on super sale by The Row) and a burgundy leather Maje belt. I love belts. One of my favorite things to buy, and this one was simple and pretty and inexpensive, plus I bought it in Paris. Aren’t things you buy in far away places just so much more special, even if you can get them here? So there you have it, red jeans, white shirt, burgundy belt, black booties.

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  1. Love the belt! Cute outfit.

  2. This is great– a little bit of edge makes it perfect. Have you tried throwing on a chunky sweater? I have the burgundy pair of J Brands and have worn the heck out of them all season.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I think they are the same jeans… Well, problem is that I don’t have that many white sweaters, and done like how black looks with them… and then with color, I had a hard time matching them up with the right sweater…. So basically, none of my clothes work with them.

      I have a pair of eggplant jeans and I wore them non stop all winter though… They are much more subtle, easier to get away with!

  3. I am OBSESSED with this look nicole! that belt is gorgeous

  4. Yea girl, lookin good. I like the knight in the background also…

  5. Totally not teeny booper, I think they are hot!

  6. MMish says:

    love this look!

  7. ASchwek says:

    Perfect look! I’m not a fan of these with black on top either but works perfectly with this button down

  8. maybe with grey?

  9. Tina Slocum says:

    This is a great look,Nicole! Each piece is to die for and great as an outfit.

  10. we need to go shopping soon!

  11. you need to give me that outfit. i will come and pick it up in may. thank you.

  12. totally my fear to that I will look like a teeny bopper!

  13. they look great! I have a pair with that type of material in black – LOVE them.

  14. Michelle says:

    I have those exact pants! LOVE THEM! I wear them with a white and black python print silk blouse ..
    Tip: when you wash/dry clean them and the wax wares off buy something called “otter wax” its fabric wax that you rub on the pants then heat with a hair blower and they will be waxy all over again!