Best and Worst Dressed at the 2012 Oscars.

Let me preface by saying, I kind of think everyone here looks good. No one dress (except for Michelle Williams) really blew me away, but none were AWFUL. All were safe. So it’s not so much a WORST dressed list, but its a best and not so best dressed list. No one was really truly horrible, right?

I decided to color code it for easier comprehension.


First, and all-time winner of the night:

Michelle Williams, Louis Vuitton. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I’m told this dress is really coral, but whatever, it looks red and  it’s amazing!

She wins the best of the night for me, by far. The other two red dresses were something of a disappointment. They just didn’t have the wow factor – sex appeal + youth + elegance that Michelle’s dress had. They weren’t bad, but they pale in comparison to her stunner.

Runner up reds:

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli.

Natalie Portman in vintage Dior.

 The Nudes:

Now this always seems like a good idea, and indeed, I sometimes think I should wear nude too… but I feel like the nudes are VERY hard to pull off. It’s got to be perfect in every way to work. And not just a good dress, GOOD ON YOU.

I liked Kristin Wiig in her dress the best. It fit her perfectly and played well with her brown hair, which was also styled nicely. Cameron Diaz, like I said earlier, its surely not terrible, but its just ok, I don’t like it with the blond hair, especially with that cut. But she may win for best jewels! Did you see that necklace on TV? AMAZING. And last, J LO. When I go shopping look at a dress and think “That’s so J Lo” this is what I mean by that. Too tight, too shiny, too many holes.


All good? Could it be? Did you like Gwyneth’s cape crusader Tom Ford look? She took that thing off to present, but still… Superhero Gwyneth? Dare I say that I LOVE it? Giuliana- I don’t love the slick hair, but otherwise, she looks glamourous and happy… not what I would ever wear, but SHE looks good.

Mila Jovovich in Elli Saab, Octavia Spencer, and Shailene Woodley in Valentino Couture. She told someone she was obsessed with this dress. Good for her. Am I crazy that I like it? A lot of other people didn’t… I think maybe I would wear something like that.

The purple: 

With the exception of Maya Rudolph(far left), I hate them all. It brings me back to Good purple, bad purple. 


I like a good black dress. Always have…. I think all the women look great. Tina Fey looks simple and chic, and I feel like this is what she has been trying for for years and only just nailed it. No? Angelina looks beautiful, but she loses points for that leg sticking out of her slit. She shouldn’t have to try so hard for us to notice it. The whole point of the dress is to look effortless! Rose Byrne would have been one of the best dressed of the night if it weren’t for those platforms. She should have gone with the pointy toe, clear sided Louboutin’s that I can’t find anywhere.  Anna Faris- I always want to wear long sleeve dresses, and my mom always tells me it’s too old for me. I have to say, this kind of makes me see what she is talking about. Anna is around 30 years old but from a distance it could be Ellen Barkin (who’s also beautiful!). Sandra Bullock is wearing whats probably one of my least favorite dresses EVER. EVER!!!!!! This is why I think Marchesa is awful, over embellished crap. (Although Stacy Keibler looked pretty good in her gold Marchesa number, I really love how she looked, but not the dress.)


Maria Menounos. Viola Davis in Vera Wang. Berenice Bejo in Elli Saab. 

Maria you look FREAKING AMAZING. I love that dress. I would wear that dress. My runner up for the night!  Viola, the color is amazing, the actual dress has flaws, but you look great. Bernice, this gown is a wash out.

The Golds:

Stacy Keebler scores points because she looks like an actual Oscar, but like I said earlier, Marchesa- you just dont do it for me. Jessica Chastain’s embroidered Alexander McQueen is just ok to me. I think I would love it on someone older… and Meryl… she looks glowing and happy. I can’t even say if I like the dress or not, because separate from her I wouldn’t like it, but on her, I think I do.

So thats that… The show was kind of boring wasn’t it? I read an article this weekend describing the Oscars “as an absurd spectacle of remarkably successful people congratulating themselves for work that barely nudges at the borders of meaningful human achievement.”

What did you think?



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  1. wow- you are *FAST*. my vote is for emma stone- freaking chic.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Haha! It was so boring, I was working on it while I was watching. Emma Stone? Yea? You don’t think it was a little too old and not fun enough for her?

  2. I’m impressed that you have thi sup lickety split! I missed the red carpet, and they did a terrible job of showing anyone interesting in the audience, so this is the first I’m seeing of many of these–thanks!

    I agree about Michelle. Not just the dress, but the simple hair, the simple jewelry, the beautiful makeup. Perfect.

  3. Jackie says:

    Where’s Oprahs pic?

  4. i actually only saw the end, and was just judging on your photos. but the bit i saw? put billy crystal back in teh retirement home. oy. not funny then, *still* not funny now.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      The worst part are those skits… so uncomfortable and just never funny. And dare I say it- the acting is OFF at an award show celebrating acting!

  5. Michelle was amazing, but I really liked Emma as well. I also liked Gwen and Gulianna. Show was so boring….

  6. i thought everyone looked pretty. but no one took my breath away.
    not even michelle. i think for me it’s the color of her hair. it’s just too orange. but she couldn’t have found a more suitable dress for her anywhere on the planet. so in that respect she wins, bc i think that is the real challenge. not finding the prettiest dress, but finding YOUR dress.
    i don’t see what all the fuss over gwyneth was.
    usually when i watch the oscars i try to pick the dress that i would have loved to have worn and for the first time in 30 years there wasn’t one.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I agree that nothing was over the top awesome- nothing terrible either-but my top 3 were Michelle, Maria and gwyneth.

  7. I agree!! Michelle’s dress was stunning. Loved it! Natalie Portman had something weird going on with her chest part. She looked too thin. Gwenyth’s dress was pretty…but that pony tail??!not attractive. J. Lo…exactly, too J.LO. Cheap and tacky. Everything else I thought was unexciting.

  8. Elsarwat says:

    Loved viola!! So glad you said, she’s not very attractive so it wasn’t as obvious.

  9. shimrit says:

    Michelle was by farrr my fave!!! She took my breath away. I thought the dress and the styling were perfection and I love that she’s so consistent and true to her style.

  10. For all I adored about that Tom Ford dress perfection, that mint green one makes me viscerally angry.

    The whole scene last night was… odd. Maybe it was the weird TV split between E! and ABC?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Really?!? The mint that Maria was wearing? How come?!?

  11. I pretty much agree too- and I didnt like Michelle Williams dress at first, but now that I’m seeing more pictures of it up close and that its more coral and less red I am loving it more! She is so sweet and innocent looking and by FAR this is the best she has looked all award season!

  12. Lauren says:

    Michelle and Gwyneth always look great. They stick to what works for them. I loved the color of Viola’s dress. It goes great with her skin tone. I know I’m going to get crucified for this but Melissa McCarthy looks terrible. I’m sorry but she needs to lose weight. It’s awful.

    I’m still wondering why anyone would take Stacy Keebler, Maria Menounos or Guiliana’s picture. They’re D-List at best and not relevant at all.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Perhaps you didn’t see Michelle at the Golden Globes. The dress was horrible.

      As for Melissa McCartney, its too easy to blame that dress on her size. I don’t care what size you are, the dress is terrible, and Ive seen heavier women look fantastic, so I don’t think its about her size. She could have worn something like what Meryl wore, a Lanvin wrappy type thing, in a bright and gorgeous color and looked great.

      As for Stacy Keebler, you know why- GEORGE CLOONY. As for the other two, agree.

      • Lauren says:

        I tend to not like what Michelle wears I just think she knows what works for her. I agree with you on Cameron & J Lo too. Only one word to sum them up and it’s trash.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Cameron and JLo are supposedly A list stars, but are just supremely second rate to me. And Cameron needs to lay off the bicep curls.

  13. etak says:

    What about Penelope Cruz? I thought she looked fabulous in that grey/blue Armani and her hair was perfectly styled as well.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      She looked very very pretty, I didn’t include her because I didn’t have a BLUE round up!

  14. I agree with your picks. I liked Gwyneth best. No major flops this year, which made the Oscars even more boring. Chris Rock and Ellen’s JC Penney ads were the highlights!

  15. vivian says:

    rooney mara was my fave!!!! her white lace givenchy dress was drop dead gorgeous!! love how michelle williams looked too! those were my faves along with milla jovovich and rose byrne.