You asked for it: RHOBH Reunion Recap.

OK, So I decided when Russell Armstrong hung himself that I wasn’t going to talk about this crap anymore.

It was too dark, too sad and heaven forbid that poor Kennedy googles her dad one day and comes across this blog… But then Taylor herself went on a speaking tour across the country and published every punch, hit and text message all in the name of helping others.

Last night 3 very important things happened:

1. The women planned a Coup De Lisa.

2. Adrienne revealed that she is not above the fray and is indeed quite petty and sensitive.

3. Taylor acknowledged her abuse, again, but finally Camille was able to express herself on the matter.

Now here’s what I think about it all:

The women went into reunion revved up and ready to go. In addition to having visited Dr. Paul Nasif for a bit of pre-show tweaking, they all seem to have made a stop to the pharmacy to refill their bitch prescriptions.

Unlike in former years, they hit the ground running on the cattiness and first in line for the fire was Lisa. Sure, she is a tad harsh sometimes, and sure she doesn’t take shit and says it like it is, but MALOOF HOOF? Is THAT worth making yourself look like an ass on TV, Adrienne? You have an unbesmirched record until now! And Im sorry Adrienne, but Lisa is allowed to make a party somewhere other than your hotel. You can handle it. You don’t ONLY eat at Villa Blanca do you?

And Kyle’s criticisms of Lisa are unfounded too. “Its like playing chess with bobby fisher”…. Kyle you DO love attention, and the point of these shows is to stir drama. The worst she said about you after you did that twirly hair thing and SPLITS at her daughters engagement party is that you love attention? YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL! She could have talked about how you make every single thing about you, you cry at the drop of the hat, YOU single handedly ruined your husbands birthday by CAUSING the drama with kim and then crying about it… blah blah blah… its the same story every single week. And speaking of weak- you surround yourself with weak people because it makes you feel strong. Admit it. The only way you tolerate Taylor, is that she makes you feel good about yourself. And as for Lisa “praying on the weak” I wouldn’t call it praying, I call it not taking crap.

And now: On to Taylor, the reason I stopped writing about this show. Taylor makes me hate myself. She makes me angry at my own mind. Ya see, whatever she is selling, Im just not buying. I am not saying everything she is saying is a lie, but SOMETHING is, and I just can’t figure out what. I never want to be the person that says that a woman claiming domestic abuse is a liar. I just don’t want to be that girl. I actually do think he probably hit her.  But there is backstory here. Taylor and Russell had a sordid past, in which they are both implicated as criminals. Aside from numerous name changes (Who changes their legal name MORE than once? I could see doing it once…but more than that?!? Shady.) and originally describing her relationship with Russell as a “business agreement”, there have been many stories in the press about how she played the roll as “hot wife” to his “rich businessman” and helpd secure  investments around Hollywood…they were both involved in defrauding people.

Whatever it is, I think, like Camille, that Bravo was completely wrong. They should NOT have aired this season. Unlike Taylor and Adrienne who think that the show saved Taylor from a murder/suicide, I think perhaps Russell might still be alive today if it weren’t for all the public scrutiny. I mean who knows… What I do know is that a public shaming of a dead man is just too much. The man has children and his name, for all eternity has been dragged through the mud, then crapped on, then tarred and feathered and then left out to dry in the public square.

I just don’t think its right, for the sake of the children. He is not even around to defend himself.

The thing is: I just don’t like Taylor. Everything she does seems contrived to help her get the most possible attention. She does things like bringing her therapist, Dr. Inappropriate, to someone else’s party so that she could have a sit down with her friends about her problems?!? ITS SOMEONE ELSES PARTY! Lets not even get into last season’s stealing of the thunder at Kennedy’s party (who is named Kennedy Caroline Armstrong btw. Creeps!). How bout how she BROUGHT Kennedy to the suicide discussion party at Kyle’s house. WHA? Am I missing something. Even if she had no one to leave her with and HAD to bring her, couldn’t they have edited kennedy out? You know they make housewives “re-enter” scenes and such…  It was just too pitiful and sad. Or how about how she said she was going to have joint custody with Russell over Kennedy. Am I the only one who WOULD NOT leave my child with an abusive and violent man? SOMETHING is just not adding up with her. I don’t know what, but its something.

Seeing her on screen makes me uncomfortable. The combination of victim + attention whore makes me very very uneasy.

But again, how SHOULD a situation like this be handled gracefully? HOW? You are on TV and your husband is abusing you? What are you supposed to do? I just don’t know. I really don’t. (Aside from not going on TV in the first place.)

But everything she has done since his death has made my stomach turn.

So thats it…. thats my strong opinion. This is not appropriate TV for our amusement. I really wish Taylor health and happiness in life, and I hope she can grow to a place where she doesn’t fall into anymore abusive relationships. Its a very sad life, and I hope she can recover.

I just can’t WAIT for Brandi to come on next week and tell it like it is. Good lord, I love that woman!

What did you guys think? I know my mom loves Taylor and feels so bad for her, so Im sure some of you do too…


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  1. Britt says:

    I cosign all of the above. I was so embarassed for Adrienne. Kyle was clearly wounded based on the backlash she receieved for her mean girl behavior this season and wanted to pick a scapegoat out of the gate: Lisa it was!
    I don’t think anyone will ever know exactly what led to Russell’s suicide, I do think it was telling that he was implicated in numerous lawsuits and his business partner (who was not on the show) also committed suicide 2 days after he did. They still haven’t found the money the Armstrongs defrauded their investors of.
    More Brandy please!! She is so fun and refreshing. I hope they give Taylor and Kim the axe. It’s not healthy for them or their families to be on a reality show given their circumstances and it’s no fun to watch.

  2. great recap! Totally agree with everything you said–and bravo to Lisa for not making an ass of herself after everyone was taking punches at her. I like her. She tells it like it is and with a dry sense of humor but she’s honest AND she seems to enjoy Brandi (who has basically the same mind set of being honest and up front and no bullsh*t) Can’t wait for next week!

  3. I am so happy with your recap. I felt like people were ganging up on Lisa. There must be some underlying issues between Adrienne and Lisa. I just felt like A was being so petty. My favorite was when she said, “they aren’t pink, they are nude”.. referring to her stupid overpriced shoes. And how rude would it be if someone asked you to host their bachelorette party!? That is not the way it works!
    On to Taylor.Taylor seems 100% phony to me. I will never call her a liar per se, but I feel like she was WAY to open and honest about everything that happened WAY too soon. I fell like she is capitalizing on her husband’s suicide. And her therapist kills me!!! First of all, how unprofessional to go to a party with your patient. Ugh..kills me.
    Now on to my love for Brandi! She is my favorite non housewife/housewife on the planet. I pretty much agree with everything she says and cannot wait to see her on the reunion part 2!! Sorry for being so longwinded!! xoxo

  4. Taylor creeps me out too… She always looks so said and pained but if I was feeling that low and sad I would not get all dolled up and go to my “friends” to reveal my deepest darkest times on TV. Makes no sense. Brandi is hysterical but also makes me uneasy. Honestly, all the women make me wildly uncomfortable. Except Camille. I like her this season and I don’t know why. Maybe cause she’s doing the whole single lady thing?
    Great recap!

  5. This recap is very accurate, I was wondering where did you find the info about their shady past, I am very interested to read it because something is definitely off.

  6. Lauren says:

    Ilana, I read the following article about Taylor & Russell..Sorry if the hyperlink doesn’t show up.. you may have to copy & paste.

  7. I agree with you about Taylor being totally creepy. But I also agree that you’re on thin ice if you want to question a woman who claims to have been abused. I believe what she says – the fact that she’s open about it, or too ready to show the public, just tells me that she’s the type of person who deals with trauma this way. Some people curl in on themselves and hide it; others want to share their suffering with anyone who’ll listen.

    That said, while I feel so terrible for any woman who suffers abuse, I do think Taylor has made bad choices before and since Russel’s suicide. She’s not good at setting boundaries around her daughter. And she seems shady about her business dealings.

    I guess my whole perspective on Taylor and her situation is that bad things happen to bad people. You can feel sorry for someone while still acknowledging their flaws.

  8. I agree with 100% of what you said here. Who knew Camille had so much sense? I never would have thought she would be one of the normal ones this season. She definitely got a great PR person/personality coach. And they are all ganging up on Lisa when she has always been the voice of reason. She is absolutely catty, but so are all of them. It is shocking how no one is capable of looking in the mirror? Kyle makes everything about her. She has to be able to admit that after seeing herself on tv this season. And as for Taylor, I couldn’t.agree.more. There is something off. So so off. Her chin quivers aren’t fooling anyone. There is a lack of genuine emotion tied to her husbands suicide. And her complete disregard for her daughter’s well being is disgusting.

  9. Jenduradis says:

    I basically agree with you about everything. though i do think lisa brought on alot of what shes getting this season. She was extra mean this season.

    As for Brandi- what is going on?!??!Is she really the only sane and normal person and is no one in that group of women seeing it?! They were absolutely awful to her from day one- or at least edited that way! and some how shes the crazy, bitchy one? Under normal circumstances I most likely wouldnt like Brandi, but she really is the best, most normal and rational and I think most of America sees that. team Brandi!

  10. Cheri says:

    Hey nic it’s your MOM! I agree with everything you said, but I want to explain why I feel that way about Taylor. Out of all the housewives she is the follower. She doesn’t have leadership qualities. Therefor she doesn’t know how to behave. She is weak, and I feel we can’t really judge her. No one should ever be in a position like that. I just feel bad for her. I agree that Lisa handled herself very well, love her personality! But Brandi is a loaded gun, never know what’s gonna come out of her mouth! Can’t wait to find out though.
    Love you,

  11. Lizzy says:

    Hate kyle….the meanest of all …biggest bully, troublemaker by far….only reason I like Taylor is she has a clue how to dress, and I’m buying her abuse story….just figure she has to make ends meet , hence her rush to cash in….disappointed by Adrienne, shes never shown to be so petty, hate Brandi…too much of a fake air, I think white trash….never went for that lesbo dance thing with …..I felt so bad for Lisa they really ganged up, and she has the best personality by far! Camille …still deciding”…..

  12. agree with you, they should have never had a show this season. the last time i watched i was basically disgusted with all of them. my guess is all of them were raised by pushy stage moms like the two hiltons (kyle & kim) with the exception of Brandi and Lisa. Adrienne’s was probably a different kind of show mom since they prob owned all the shows..

  13. I haven’t seen the reunion yet as it hasn’t aired here in Oz but I am with you 100%. I have actually stopped watching pretty much all the Real Housewives, it is all just getting beyond a joke! When it all began it was funny to an extent but now it is all just embarrassing that grown women act like this! So that combined with the suicide just turned me off completely! They live not only unrealistic lives but incredibly unhealthy lives and that’s just not entertaining.
    By the way how cute is your mum and her comments :)

  14. Dori says:

    I completely agree with your recap!!! I could barely contain my disdain watching Kyle and Adrienne gang up on Lisa. I hope for Lisas sake that she has better friends than those two insecure,petty and jealous women.
    Seriously could anyone really take Adriennes complaints as having any validity!!! She should watch her own shows and be embarrassed at how she treats her husband with such disrespect!! I highly doubt she has the intelligence to get through medical school yet she acts like he is the dumb one in the relationship.
    Kyle has no loyalties to anyone but her own fame blech

  15. Caroline says:

    Agreed to everything in this post. I can’t stand Taylor and her never ending tears. She is super shady and manipulative. I am looking forward to next week’s part two of this reunion. The preview of Brandi calling Taylor out for immediately cashing in on this tragedy by writing a book makes me think this half will be better. Thank God for Brandi!

  16. Oh how I have missed your recaps! Dead on! Let me just say…
    1. When did Adrienne become so sensitive. It does not look good on her.
    2. Kyle is still the mean girl and her trying to make Lisa look like the mean girl proves she herself is in fact the mean girl.
    3. I’m so sick of hearing the term “weak person”. Can someone say scapegoat?
    4. I feel for Taylor, I do. But I can honestly say her book is not going to help anyone (except for her wallet) its only going to hurt people…his children. I would never deface my son’s father, especially in a public forum where my son would someday be able to see it. And trust me I could! But that would only hurt my son’s feelings and whatever good memories he did have of him.
    5. Lisa has a dry sarcastic British sense of humor. Do they not get that? Or maybe they are bitter because she may be getting her own spin off show…..
    6. Brandi- I think the other women are too old to get her sense of humor. Shes funny and doesn’t take any of them or herself too seriously.
    7. Camille- i agree with pretty much everything she says…I went from hating her to loving her.
    8. Kyle got fat and shes pissed at the world.

  17. Well said on all accounts. Should not have been aired, and yet we all still watch it. That’s a problem too.
    xo xo

  18. jody says:

    i agree totally…but really it has made me reflect on my relationship with my own friends now i just sit back when i disagree (as it seems more dignified) especially when u watch a group of women bitching it’s not a good look( at any age)

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thats so smart. Seriously, someone learned something from these shows! Im totally going to think about it and try to be more self aware in those situations! THANK YOU!

  19. one thing you need to remember: lisa was filming her own spin-off pilot at the time this reunion was taped. so the other ladies were filled with jealousy. like, bethenny frankel vs jill zarin jealousy.