Street Photos from 59th and 5th.

I went out playing with my new camera, and to see what I could see…We took the kids to the Central Park Zoo.

At the crosswalk of The Plaza, The Pierre, The Apple Store, Bergdorfs, Central Park- its basically the center of the universe… there is:

A gigantic art installation made out of tires that looks like a big gigantic phallic boob. If that’s possible.  Its by german artist Michael Sailstorfer and its called Tornado. I respect it, but I don’t particularly like it. 

I do like cute boys with skateboards who stand with it! 

Look its a NEON explosion!!!!!

(I love this photo… I don’t know why… but I just do.)

(This was taken with my iPhone. Yes, this really happened. Note the socks and the bow please. And this photo is COMPLETELY unedited.)

Everything is beautiful if you look at it in the right light! 

Cookie makes strolling difficult. 

Is this the most beautiful building in the city?


Hope you are all having a beautiful weekend!

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  1. very Bill Cunningham – I like!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Just saw the documentary about him a few weeks ago! What an AMAZING person! An awesome movie too!


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