Installed: Mini Painting Mania!

After seeing my work around the web, I was commissioned by the lovely girls over at IPG MediaBrands to create a 100 piece mini painting wall installation for their office… I was super excited about it, but so freaking worried about how the heck I was going to install 100 paintings evenly.

Paintings drying in the studio…

The original 36 paintings that I hung over my son’s crib with nails were always falling off, or just constantly tilted. Plus, that kind of precise measuring is so not my strong suit.

Packed up and ready to go! 

Then my handyman Chris had a fab idea: Velcro! Now the paintings won’t shift, and can be adjusted easily. Plus we didn’t have to hammer 100 nails into a wall…


iPhone pic from the installation… It was SO FREAKING TEDIOUS! 

He came to help me with the installation, armed with a laser beam level, and like 10 other things I would never have thought of.(Bottom line, could not have done this myself. Know your strengths and weaknesses and thank you Chris!)

We decided to space them about an inch apart… Each canvas is 4″ x 4″ and is about an 1.25″ thick. The entire piece is 50″ x 50″. Obviously, there is no way to hang them completely perfectly, but when you look at the piece as a whole, it works!

And there you have it! 100 paintings installed on a dark gray wall at an awesome company’s office. They also have 4 other pieces of mine scattered about the office.

The piece is really fun up close, but its killer from a distance. I wanted to give you a better view, hence the picture with doorways in it… So imagine me sitting there all day, working and listening to water cooler chat? I felt like I was on the set of The Office. I was also getting a lot of ” what the heck are those!” and “Thats cool!” and even ” what do those represent?”  Represent? Hmmm….Should I make something up?!? Ok here goes: The mini paintings represent the different ways we compartmentalize our lives in 2012. They are reminiscent of the iPhone apps and keyboards we are so reliant on as a technology-obsessed culture. The paintings are applied randomly, but appear ordered. From the a distance it is beautiful and balanced, but when you look closer, it is just fragmented little pieces of life being held together by an idea of whole. 

How did I turn this into a sad painting? Its really just blobs of color on canvases… although my fake explanation does give some insight into my mental state, right? Stressed much?

Anyway, thanks to IPG Mediabrands for the opportunity to make such a fun piece!



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  1. LOVE this, sketch. and the velcro idea is fab! great job!

  2. Nicole I absolutely love this art installation!! Bright and fun!! Where did you find a good price on that sized canvases, if you wouldn’t mind sharing? Bravo!


    Art by Karena

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I didn’t really get a great price, I bought the first batch at Michaels randomly and made the ones for my kids room.

      Then I looked all over for them. I was going to special order them from pearl, but I found them on amazon, so I bought them there.

  3. cool, nicole. huge impact. did you frame and stretch all those small canvases yourself?

  4. Lauren says:

    You are incredible Nicole! I can’t wait to buy a huge house one day just to fill it with your paintings!

  5. Albertina says:

    Yeay!! Contratulations! it looks beautiful. And the color of the wall just makes it pop.

  6. grace says:

    All i can say is AMAZING!!!
    The installation is ridiculous!!!

  7. Michmish says:

    Hahah you’re hysterical! It looks amazing!!!

  8. just curious, was there any method to the madness? did you paint a certain number of some of the colors and did you just drop some of the paint and brush others? did you lay out all the squares and paint or just paint them and then put it together like a puzzle? just wondering. it looks incredible. you definitely have a painter’s eye!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Hmmm…. I did it in kind of a hybrid way. First I picked out all the colors I wanted to use. Then I made 2 of each color right away. To get the paint to drip into nice shapes, I stood them on their sides, sometimes turning them a few times so that the paint would spread.

      Then when they were spread out enough I laid them out on the drop cloth at the studio like a puzzle, once half of them were on the floor I added more of the colors I liked and started to arrange them.

      I even thought about which way each little canvas should lay when I arranged it! And I painted one square white and put it as the bottom right square… where I signed it.

  9. This looks fantastic! I love the contrast of the white and colours on the dark grey/blue wall!
    Such an eye…

  10. love.

  11. Sarah van Loon says:

    love it! looks super fab.

  12. Marielle says:

    Killer! i love this. so funnn!

  13. nicole this is EVERYTHING! it looks PHENOMENAL!

  14. claudy says:

    this is by far my favorite piece of art youve ever made

  15. ASchwek says:

    This is unbelievable! totally speechless. Such a fun piece/installation! Cracking up from what it “represents”

  16. That is INSANE. I really, really love it. Another spin on this would be 100 tiny pictures on canvases in different colors… but really, your creation is perfect, I want it in my home.

  17. Jen Smith says:

    That is FANTASTIC!!!!! I love love love this idea……


  18. I absolutely love your explanation as to what your art “represents.” When I was an undergrad doing theater design we would have weekly BS lessons. My professor would write different time periods, colors and adverbs on cards, we would each draw one time period, color and adverb. Then we would have to create a concept around those cards for the play that we were designing. It was always something I dreaded, but it made me really good at coming up with good BS on the fly. I use that skill more than anything else I learned in college…

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