From my library…

I was in my library the other day organizing my books… and tweeting and instagraming a ton of pictures… there was just something about these two piles that made me post them. One is a stack of crumbling books from my grandmother’s library. I think the price on the Lolita was 50 cents or something crazy… the other is a stack of some of my favorite writers: Milan Kundera and Gabriel García Márquez. I just love how they looked visually…

I don’t care what any one says, you cannot replace the joy of reading actual books with a kindle.

Whats in your library?

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  1. Lauren says:

    Agree 100%. I still buy and even (gasp!) take books out of the library.
    Fiction books are hard to come by in my library. I’m a non-fiction kind of girl. Give me a book on WWII any day and I’m happy.

  2. Ah, Garcia Marquez. Memories of My Melancholy Whores is like an elegy to old age.

  3. My hubs jokes that I spend money on books like most girls spend money on shoes. We have so many books, and I love them all. I’m one of those weirdos who won’t lend or borrow books because I like to have them to look at once I’m done reading – they’re like memories for me. I can remember where I was and what I was doing when I was reading each book.

    But ANYWAY, the newest additions to my library include The Night Circus (which I recommend, mostly for the amazing visuals she conjures) and Ready Player One (which sounds terrible from the inside flap, but just trust me and read it – everyone I’ve recommended it to thanks me, and most of them are not video game nerds). Now I’m reading Caleb’s Crossing, which is decidedly less fast-paced but wonderfully written. I recommend anything by Geraldine Brooks.

    You should tell us what you’re reading sometime! I love little glimpses into what imaginary worlds people are spending time in…

  4. Albertina says:

    Thank you!! There is nothing like holding an actual book, underlining, passing the page…..mmmmhhh!!! I love Gabriel Garcia Marquez too…I met him when I was young and after the meeting a few days after he sent me an autographed 100 years of Solitude. And the Fountainhead is one of my super faves….I love Roark!

  5. I am rather obsessed with books and plan to build an entire library when I find that dream warehouse/loft.

  6. I love the black and white book image! You should frame it. I agree totally with you…give me a real book to hold in my hands and drool over any day.