DIY: Braided Leather Dog Leash

I made this DIY about 5 years ago, before pregnancy turned me into the most allergic to dogs person on the planet. Not kidding, if you have a dog and we go out to dinner, I start to get a rash, red eyes, itching, I’ve even had blisters. Last year, I slept at my parents house one night with my daughter when my hub was out of town. By 11 pm, I had all the windows of my old bedroom wide open and I was still wheezing…because that room is our dogs stomping ground. Finally, I had to kick my dad out of his bed and sleep upstairs with my mom because thats the only room in the house where the dog isn’t allowed. 27 years old, 8 mos pregnant at the time, and sleeping in a bed with my mommy. Weird.

Anyway, this dog leash was made back in the day, before I was allergic to him and Baci was MY DOG. I’ve had it sitting around for years, and I finally decided to post it. I took it apart a little bit so that I could show you all how to make it. It looks super high end in person, like Bottega Veneta.

Sources: Cord, tape, clasp.

I borrowed Truffles, my friend’s french bulldog for a little demo:

She was a great model! And how cute are her owners little rain boots with the bows?

Enjoy your pets people! You never know when a horrific allergy is going to spring upon you out of nowhere. Boo.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    OMG I want that for my pooch!

  2. Love!


    Rebecca June

  3. I beg my husband for a dog everyone- once he caves I’ll totally be making one of these!

  4. Marielle says:

    What a beauty…

  5. Love it! I have to try this. Just adore the braided leather and as a leach – fantastic!
    Thanks for the idea and inspiration.

  6. If I were the DIY type, I would totally do this myself!

  7. Linda Gargis says:

    Where can I buy one of these beautiful leashes?

  8. Jaclin says:

    What size cord and tape did you use? Also where do you buy your supplies? Thanks!


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