The Lucite Clutch In Action.

The JewelMint lucite clutch and  how I wore it…

First off, I obviously love this idea because its a perfect way to show off my Sketch42 iPhone case. You have no idea how many people asked me about it at Art Basel…

And a tip… get a pouch for within the case. That way you can hide all your ugly stuff and show off all your awesome stuff. See?

Orange pouch, Zara floral top, my art… Damn I love this photo!

This one too. Its actually super easy to hold and carry at a party. You CANT DROP IT!

And here I am in the studio:

(Special thanks to Arrojo for giving me an awesome new haircut… after this post, I realized it was time to take my yearly chop!)

This is probably my favorite DIY ever. Yes, yes it is.

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  1. The clutch is awesome because you can buy assorted cool wallets and the clutch looks different every time.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thats VERY true! I wore it to a party last night, I got a lot of “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!!!” from people… So fun.

  2. It really is. Makes a statement. I love accessories like that.

  3. Loving the huge piece of watery art! Where is that orange pouch from? It’s the perfect shade.


    Rebecca June

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thanks! My grandma claimed that piece for her summer house ;)

      The orange pouch… its a long story, but bottom line its part of a fake hermes wallet that someone once gave me as a gift. That I thought was real… Yikes!

  4. MMish says:

    Aaaaah!!! Love love love it all, the clutch the art the outfit. So pretty

  5. Genius. I want one!