The Best of The Pulse Art Fair, Miami 2011.

Remember when I said that the PULSE art fair in Miami was my favorite part of the trip? Well, its because it had a festival like feel to it…and this was the vibe:

Art installations amid people lounging and hammocking and drinking beer. It felt like a college campus. Almost. But you get my drift… If this felt like a music festival, Art Basel was the philharmonic. Get it? And you can probably guess where I fit in better? Land of the hippies, home of the free!

Not that pulse was hippie-ish… but just FUN, and YOUNG. And exciting.

You enter and you are met with this booth.

Music is playing in the back from this corner: 


And thennnn we start looking at art. There were many more photographs that I loved at PULSE as opposed to Basel, where I was mostly drawn to the paintings(museum level paintings, I might add).

My favorite art was at the Danziger Gallery:

This photo of Kate Moss by Mario Testino is INSANE. I seriously cannot believe how cool it is and how much I like it.

And then, I spotted this: Its INDIA SONG, the photographic series by Karen Knorr I wrote about last week! It was like seeing an old friend across the room. WHY? I don’t know, but it just made me SO HAPPY to see them. TOO HAPPY. (We will get back to the Danziger Gallery at the end of the post.)

Then there was THIS:

By Wouter Deruytter. In person, its MASSIVE. and insane looking.

And this self portrait by Elza Jo was small but compelling. The fur or hair, was real, as in, not in the picture, but attached to it.

This photo by Andrew Moore drew me in, literally. I love it.

A close up of a Daniel Gonzales hand sewn sequined work… Also massive.

There were more old friends at PULSE:

These photos by Alain Delorme that we have seen all over pinterst and blogland…. good to finally see in person and to associate them with an artist.

I can’t find the name of this artist in my files, but Im sure someone will know it… I took a close up of the paint drippings:

And then this:  By Michael Dinges. Truer words were never said, were they?

This was actually a flouresent light installation. Only from certain angles could you see the words. And I managed to snap a picture that made the background black and brought out the BOOM.   By James Clar

The Jen Bekman Gallery, also known as the director of 20 x 200 was well represented:

By Christian Chaize

LAX By Michael Salvatore Tierney (there is a reflection of a light fixture in the glass on the photo)

I lose this source, I don’t think it was on the wall, Im sorry.

And while most people didn’t like this, I did. And I purposely didn’t crop out the garbage can in the shot. For effect. By Tad Beck

And back to the Danziger Gallery:

Absolutely mini tiny portraits by Andy Warhol of awesome people:

These pictures suck, but how could I skip them? Remember when I said Im reconsidering the notion that the best art is big?- these tiny portraits convinced me.

And upon leaving Pulse at sunset, I snapped this shot:

And of course, PULSE is where I did THIS.  See ya in May PULSE!

What were your favorite pieces from Art Basel & Pulse?

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  1. Lauren says:

    The Alain Delorme pictures don’t even seem real! I wouldn’t believe my eyes if I saw that in person. The paint drippings remind me of some of your paintings.

  2. MMish says:

    Im drawn to the Dinges piece, looks like what the inside of a great mind would be thinking

  3. Casey says:

    I absolutely LOVE the picture of LAX but the reflection of the lights adds something really special… like your pulse experienced is captured within another moment. very cool.

  4. I went to PULSE last year instead of the biggie at Basel and loved the vibe as well! There was a really strange performance art dance thing in the lawn where these girls did the same interpretive routine for HOURS….wonder if they were there this year??

  5. El C says:

    That stripy drippy painting is by Markus Linnenbrink. xx

  6. Hey Nicole, great roundup! The “drips” painting is by Gian Garofalo, I know b/c I actually own one of his pieces!:) google big bubbles, no troubles…

    • calvinamari says:

      If you own a “Garafalo” painting you have been defrauded. All Garagolo does is rip-off the work of the well-established artist, Marcus Linnenbrink. His excuse for this theft is that he admits that he is “inspired” by Linnenbrink. Utter balls.

  7. Steve says:

    Looking forward to this year!