The Beautiful People.

I know beauty is only skin deep…. but it sure is pretty, isn’t it?  Meanwhile, aside from the astounding beauty of the models, photographer Aram Bedrossian just can’t take a bad picture. All his photos and especially portraits are captivating.


Not that she is unattractive, she’s pretty – but even Martha Stewart looks exquisite… they all do, really. I spent two hours in his blog last night. HERE.

(Side note: I wish my wedding photographer made me look as beautiful as these pictures feel. (Not by a long shot. Wrote shit by accident there for a second, coulda left it. Same difference;))

This really makes me wish I could take amazing photos. Thats my next challenge and future hobby. 2012 anyone?


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  1. Albertina says:

    I’m with you! I want a photography class or something!

  2. WOW! he has such an incredible eye! Those pictures are stunning.
    Something about a black and white that makes them seem even more sophisticated.

  3. YES – taking beautiful pictures is my prime goal for 2012! I’ve been looking into taking some one-on-one classes by it’s slim pickings here in Dallas… If you have any Dallas-based photog friends that would want to tutor me let me know!
    And yes… Martha has never looked better. Let’s face it – she’s a shrew.

  4. I can stare at these photos all day.