JewelMint Project 2: Alexander McQueen Inspired Lucite Clutch.

For my next DIY, Im going to revisit one of my favorite DIY’s – the lucite clutch.

When I saw these rings over on JewelMint’s site, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with them… An Alexander McQueen style clutch. Those famous clutches have knuckledusters attached to a demure hard bag that almost looks like a sunglasses case. The rings are adorned with skulls.

Our bag, references that…first in that we are using rings as a handle for a bag and second in that they look kind of skeletal in an I’m a tin man kinda way. I love the idea of the acrylic box as purse… this DIY is so easy, and its super cheeky and fun…

Basically, you start with an acrylic box from the container store. Then you just position the rings, use a glue gun, E6000 or liquid nails to secure it, and hold it in place until it dries. Et Voila! In the past, I’ve drilled into lucite boxes to make clutches, but there was no way to drill into these… I tried!


Hope you enjoyed this, it sure was fun to make! Thank you to JewelMint for the fabulous products!


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  1. So talented! I love your creativity!
    Keep the ideas coming – I read your blog everyday.

  2. adorable…anything with a glue gun and I’m in…just no sewing. I think my daughter would love this!

  3. angela says:

    really nice post! :)

  4. Such a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So crafty! Too bad all I keep in my clutch is a lighter and tampons. No one wants to see that junk.


  5. claudy says:


  6. Caroline R says:

    I think this is the sharpest thing

  7. Michmish says:

    This came out so good! I would put that thing to good use

  8. Claudine says:

    so sharp! love love the clasp!i think your ideas are very refreshing. i really enjoy reading your blogs :)

  9. albertina says:

    So cool!!

  10. so cute! totally in love… i want to do this, like now! :p what are the dimensions of the box?

  11. It’s so adorable:)

    I made a list of Clutch tutorials on my blog <3
    You're in it, hope thats okay :)

  12. Judy says:

    I am looking on container and I was wondering which box u used tx

  13. Judy says:

    Anyone cld help me with it?