JewelMint Project #1: Rustic Chic Holiday Earrings.

I’m finally get to show the piece I made with my JewelMint products! Sooo… I started with these faux diamond earrings. I wanted to give them a bit of an edgier look, something you could wear out at night to dinner, instead of just to a formal affair. First I thought I would neonize them (I believe I coined that word?) Like I do to everything. But then I decided to go for that dark, raw diamond look that all NYC’s chicest girls are wearing these days… Think big chandelier earrings filled with raw and black diamonds in an almost brass looking metal… very cool.

So first I spray painted them black. I had a moment when I wanted to keep them all black. But then they were too dark… So after they dried, I scrubbed the paint off parts of the earrings… thus giving them that brushed and burnished look. Truth be told, they looked awesome as is, and can definitely be worn that way… But I then decided to use a scrap of luggage colored leather to back the earring. To me… the look is very Ralph Lauren goes home for the holidays… you know? And the best part is… you can take that piece off any time (because all you did was poke the back of the earring through the leather) AND you can use multiple colored leathers to change up the look! (When they are on the ear the earring is centered on the leather. When you lay them down, it doesn’t look centered because the post is sticking up… FYI.)

(The look: Ralph Lauren goes home for the holidays?)

So at first I wasn’t sure if this was a good project… But I wore the earrings out to my friends secret santa last night. I didn’t tell anyone that I made them and I just didn’t say anything about them at all…. Lo and behold, ALL THE GIRLS NOTICED THEM AND LOVED THEM! They even put in requests that I make them a pair! Tomorrow I am going to show you how awesome they look on. (When there is someone around to take a photo of me!) For now, enjoy the DIY. Its so easy and you can totally do this to any pair of faux diamond earrings… I think Im going to try this on a pair of studs too…

A big thanks to JewelMint for sending over the products!

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  1. ariana says:

    could u make me a pair?? i need a gift for a secret santa i have comming up

  2. claudy says:

    i love those earrings!!

  3. anita says:

    great idea!!

  4. shelly says:

    wow nicole, youve dine it once again. those earrings are FAB!!

  5. heather says:

    I love jewelmint!! have u ever tried there shoe website?

  6. Love them, Nicole. Love DIY projects!!!

  7. jane design says:

    wow these are amazing. Never heard of Jewelmint but now I’m definitely gonna go check em out! :)

  8. Wow Nicole love love love love ur amazing!!

  9. cheri says:

    very creative! you da bomb!

  10. decordiva says:

    everything you do is so awesome!

  11. Very creative idea, you always come up with great things!
    Nancy xo

  12. MMish says:

    Only you could make these cool!! Great job

  13. rachelaz says:

    So fab! As is everything you do:) Are these going to be in your etsy shop?