I’ll paint on anything…obviously.

So yesterday, I showed you some walls I painted in black and white. Today I  made a sculpture/object/vase.

It was inspired by the ceramic sculptures I saw at the Elle Decor Showhouse in Miami by Reinaldo Sanguino. Obviously, I went in a little bit of a different direction here… but the idea of a painted orb somewhere in my house was not letting me rest.


In my dreams, paint dries instantly and I can take photos with this piece already in my apartment. In reality, this thing needs a good 2-3 days.

So…. blah blah blah. I like to put paint on stuff.

Hi, my name is Nicole, and Im a paint-aholic. What’s new with you?

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  1. Why are you painting in that outfit??

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      haha! I had a birthday lunch to go to after, didn’t have time to change. But I was carful- no harm done!

  2. love the neon brights!

  3. MMish says:

    i love this so much

  4. Friend – this is gorgeous.


    Rebecca June

  5. SARAH says:

    cant believe u paint in ur best clothes. shoulda bought u a smock!


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