Art Basel Miami 2011: A sneak peek

Today was a crazy but amazing day! First I attended a luncheon at the Elle Decor Showhouse at Paramount Bay. AWESOME. Stay tuned for that. THEN, I went to the Miami Beach Convention Center to see some art. Oh lordy lord, was I in heaven. A day in the life of Sketch42- but like the best  possible day ever. With my handy dandy press pass at Basel(so hard to get! I had to do some serious maneuvering!), I took photos of everything I saw and loved. And let me tell ya, there is WAY MORE. I only just got started organizing the photos and artists and everything. PLUS there is an entire section I didn’t cover (its massive)! So here is a sneak peek to get you through the weekend: ENJOY!!! 

Frank Stella

Galleria Franco Noero

Rose Wylie

Ryan McGinley – Parakeets. (My favorite piece so far!)

Daniel Gordon Basquiat

Full post is coming soon!


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