A room for no one.

Not particularly balanced (too much shag, to many leggy chairs) but I pulled it together for no particular reason, and I kinda like the vibe. A little feminine, but in a cool way. And that rug is amazing. HERE.  Stools from West Elm, Chairs from Jayson Home,  Couch is on sale at ABC HERE.. Pouf from Clayton Gray Home HERE. Print by Christian Chaize.

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  1. Lawny says:

    What a great post to wake up to! Your boards are the BEST! Everything about that room is so good, all those delicate legs, graphic lines, it is soft and warm yet super refreshing… I’m totally inspired for the day now. ahhh. thanks. PS I still dream about that neon coffee table room you posted waaaayyy back when. Good stuff!

  2. Amber says:

    Where is the cocktail table from, Nicole? I think I know it but can’t remember…..thx!

  3. Ok, I’m SERIOUSLY impressed with the rugs at Rugs USA, and the prices are insanely good. Also, despite the fact that they are ridiculously non-functional and “over” by most people’s measure, I still can’t get enough of poufs.

  4. MMish says:

    Just saw this…so pretty!!! enough seating for an army