Who wore it better: Baño edition.

I was perusing Erica’s Pinterest boards. You know Erica lives for pinning? Like she gets a little bit too excited when she gets the pinterest email about who liked her posts? She even admits that sometimes she is checking out the interest main page and thinking- wow who pinned all this cool shit, they have amazing taste- turns out- SHE DID.


Anywooo…. I figure why not use some of the gorgeous photos Erica is curating for me.  And so I bring you: Who wore it better?

I’m torn between them. All of them. At the heart of this issue is the core dilemma that informs or cripples all of my designs: DO I LIKE MINIMALISM OR DO I LOVE STUFF?!?!?! The answer is both. And thats the problem. I can’t decide! One day I am buying tchotchkes and the next I am stuffing things into closets. I actually read a great post on Apartment Therapy about loving the space you are in. I need to follow all those tips because Im ITCHING to sell off my entire living room piece by piece. (Seriously though, couch, coffee table, chairs, all for sale. EMAIL ME!)

But for now: Who wore it better?

I think the win goes to minimal. I love stuff, but the sight of the shower curtain in the mirror gave it to Minimal.

And then we have:

Funny thing about the modern bathroom is that I found it on Erica’s pin board, but she pinned it from MY BLOG and I dont even remember ever seeing it before, let alone blogging it. Ohhh this is getting fun, or incredibly incestuous.

So, on this one I REALLY don’t know what to choose. I may have to choose Traditional… those doors are beyond, BUT I think its not great floors in the modern that give the win to Traditional. Ah… screw it. I can’t choose.

Its up to you… Who wore it better?

All photos via Erica’s boards. She has 39 btw. Minimal – unknown, Maximal Image: Amy Neunsinger for House Beautiful see the rest of the house HERE. Traditional via  and Modern by  architect Bradley E. Heppner and designer Amy D. Morris featured in Atlanta Home & Lifestyle see the rest of the house HERE.



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  1. Love the idea for this post!
    I have to say that I am usually a minimalist modernist, however…although I do love the minimalist bathroom on top, it is the traditional one that I prefer below. The metal framing to the window and door of the shower and the palett of the stone really make me want to have it! Only thing I am not mad about are the wall lights – but those can always be changed!

  2. I love the maximal and traditional bathrooms- both I could totally live with. Then again, anything is better than my pepto pink bathroom I have now!

  3. If anyone knows of a Pinterest 12-step program, I’m totally in.

    I think I would go for minimalist in my apt in NYC and then maximalist in my non-existent (YET) Catskills weekend house. I like the traditional too, though I see that more for a home in Santa Barbara or something.

    Eh, screw it…I like em all.

  4. I will attend those meetings! Just read Erica’s post and just died laughing. I start every day with a Pinbinge. Glad I’m not the only one.

    As an absolute, modern, maximalist you probably know where I’m voting BUT! the one vote out of character is that minimal bathroom.

  5. Danielle says:

    how much do you want for your white club chairs

  6. Marielle says:

    i usually love minimalist decor but for some reason loving the maximal here..and the modern! striped walls what could be better

  7. I’m going to throw it all off balance and say maximal and traditional! Although props for the minimal sink – it’s divine! Two reasons: 1. I know my house is more maximal and therefore I would want my bathroom to blend rather than stand out as a weird minimal warp zone. 2. That modern bathroom looks like it would age very quickly whereas the traditional one could stay current for decades!

  8. The Minimal. I want to soak in that deep white bath, while looking out (what I imagine is ) the large window on a lush hillside estate that looks down on a tropical beach.
    Also that it’s calm and unfussy!

  9. I have to go with the traditonal, I’ve loved those doors for so long!