Warm & Cozy Bedroom Inspiration.

I don’t know who I envision sleeping in this room: a cool boy, a very cool couple, a single dude? I don’t know… I just know that I like it. And with a  few tweaks ( change the rug and color of blanket) I would also put a girl in it.

Original room is by Ryan Korban. My version is much less sexy, but I kind of did that on purpose.

1. Pendelton Blanket $218


2. Table Lamp $273

3. Canopy Bed $699

4.Plaid Rug $599

5. Thonet Chair, $150

6. Side Table $395

7. Light Box $175 – I LOVE this for a kids room(or anyone, really). You put it on their night stand and they just tap it to open the box and BAM- light!

8. Lumbar Mongolian Pillow $129 All you need is this and a blanket and your bed is made!


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  1. I really love the fur and the plaid together.. great board!