PLATNER: Nine Ways.

The platner chair, designed by Warren Platner (Read about the history of the chair on Paloma’s blog HERE) is one of my favorite pieces of furniture… it looks rad in every room and it works with so many types of decor: Glam, rustic, pop, industrial, boho, elegant… you name it.

I totally wish I had one. (My chair obsessions continue… why don’t I ever lust this way over sofas?)

(Photos: 1. The Avalon 2. Unknown 3. HERE. 4. HERE  5.Sea of Shoes & Atlantis’s NYC Pad 6.Elle Decor 7. Nanette Leapore 8.Met Home 9.HERE)

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  1. aaaahhhh, they’re my favorite too! that top left picture is of oliverio at avalon hotel and i just blogged it (and my love for platner chairs) this week! you can see it here: great minds think alike! ;)

  2. Nicole, you should take a look at the post my contributor, Erika of Small Shop Studio posted on La Dolce Vita this morning. It explains the history and design on these Platner items. It’s fascinating!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Oh WOW! Totally did not realize you posted this today! What a dummy… Im going to link it up and yes, SO INTERESTING!

  3. yes yes and hell yes.
    the one with the chairs and the wooden console desk thing and the black modern dome lamp and the paper art shit is DUMB!

  4. loooove the platner chair..!! When we stayed at the viceroy they have them everywhere!! and totally agree with you goes with so many different decor style!!
    hope you have a fabulous weekend!!