My Thanksgiving Table.


Im taking a quick break from cooking to post a peek and my thanksgiving table. It’s not totally done yet… (and I know some of the napkins aren’t ironed properly. Working on that now!)

My inspiration was the chinoiserie-like tables of Joe Nye. Obviously, I’m a little twit compared to him. And I just don’t have all the supplies(because when I was getting married and people were giving me stuff, I was not educated or interested and so I ended up with weak resources.)
I used the versace plates my grandmother gave me as a wedding gift along with my gold ware. The tablecloth is a neon orange. Yes its really neon in certain lights, and in others its a sweet potato color. Last year I bought a bunch of polyester table cloths on line  HERE  in every color under the sun. This is the first time Im using the orange. I actually would MUCH prefer to not use a table cloth at all, but my table is super delicate rosewood.

The bodega was very ill equipped today. Somedays they are stocked, and others they aren’t… So I went monochrome. When in doubt go monochrome. The greenery is something I always buy. I love it. Looks like mini-evergreens to me, very autumnal but also elegant year round.

I put the bread plate off to the side of the dinner plate because I wanted the white of the plate to show. Is that enough of a reason? I don’t know. I just felt it needed it.

There is a glass crisis in my house. Despite the fact that I bought 24 (YES 24!!!) glasses just last year, I literally do not have enough unbroken glasses to serve 10 people. It’s a scary thing. I mean, I can mix and match, and I will obviously have to. Also, in terms of crystal and wine glasses, not every one can drink the same liquor because I don’t have enough glasses! Crazy right?

Anyway, here it is in the room… I’m still not done, and from this angle the flowers look messy….

Gotta run, my kitchen is calling! Enjoy! Happy T-day!

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  1. It looks beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. save some for me!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Those plates make me crazy jealous- divine. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. SO gorgeous !! Enjoy !


  5. debra says:

    a for effort
    it’s lovely!

  6. Marielle says:

    c u soon!!!!! looks awesome!

  7. It looks beautiful and I just love your china!

  8. Albertina says:

    Its beautiful! I hope your Thanksgiving was perfect!

  9. Nicole, those plates are a treasure and you have made them along with your centerpieces the stars of the party.

    Everyone is mixing and matching patterns now so I would not worry about your glassware!

    The artist in you shines!

    A Belated Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  10. it looks beautiful, hope it was fun!

  11. Karen says:

    Carolyne Roehm would love it!

  12. I’m in love with your china!!!! It’s so pretty! What a beautiful festive table. xx-Jackie